Why Women Cheat (And How to Prevent It)

One of the most important reasons to become a great lover is to keep your lover satisfied so they don’t go looking for affection somewhere else.

I’m Caitlin V, the creator of the Come When You Want Masterclass. One of the things I constantly hear men saying in my Masterclass is “How do I prevent women’s infidelity?”

“How do I prevent her from going somewhere else for sexual activity?”

“Why do women cheat in the first place?”

If you’re not satisfying your woman, it’s only a matter of time before she goes and finds validation and sex from someone else. I am here to help you prevent infidelity … and emotional affairs … from happening.

Why Even Talk About Infidelity?

If you’ve ever experienced female infidelity or have been crushed by an extramarital affair, you know it sucks.

It SUCKS to find out you’ve been cheated on, whether you walked in on your partner OR you found their text messages while you were turning the volume down on their iPad when you were together cleaning out your house before your move. (That actually happened to me. Not a good day.)

Even if you’ve never been cheated on, you can imagine how much it hurts to know that the person that’s closest to you in the world would lie to you, do something outside of the agreements of monogamy, and do something they know would cause you SO MUCH PAIN.

Infidelity exists outside of integrity and honesty, even if the primary relationship partner never finds out. The emotional connection is jeopardized.

That’s why this is important to talk about. That’s why I want you to avoid being cheated on at all costs, because I don’t want you to ever have to go through that much pain.

Can Men Prevent a Cheating Wife?

couple having morning sex

If we CAN prevent cheating from happening, it’s worth it. Just like we can avoid breaking bones or injuring ourselves by taking preventative measures, so must we take active, preventative measures in our relationships to combat boredom, loneliness, and an emotional void.

Something to keep in mind: you cannot stop all people from cheating.

Women cheat for different reasons. You could be amazing in bed, you could be a very attentive spouse or boyfriend, you could be giving her everything she needs and wants and she could STILL neglect your needs and cheat.

Her motivation is not just because of you.

People cheat for many reasons: because they don’t believe they’re worthy of love in the first place, they have low self-esteem and are looking for validation, or they’re opportunistic, or they’re looking for their next emotional attachment, or they have unresolved childhood trauma. Some women cheat because they’re not sure how to break up!

And let me just say right now: if you’re in a bad place in your relationship, and if you and your partner never get along, fighting more than you’re agreeing, if you’re not in a committed relationship where you have children or are married or own property together… maybe you’ve been dating for a couple years and there’s a ton of resentment… and if your relationship is already in a bad place, don’t wait for her to cheat. Just end it! You’re worth more than that!

You deserve to be in a relationship where someone won’t cheat on you.

Sometimes cheating has nothing to do with you. Sometimes it cannot be prevented.

BUT! Often cheating CAN be prevented, and that is what we’re going to discuss in this article.

A Note About Insecurity and Trust in Relationships

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Let me first say this: if you’re constantly insecure and you already think that she’s cheating, and if you panic a little bit every time she checks her phone, you need to cool your jets.

The average person isn’t cheating all day every day. They’re just not. So every time she mentions that she’s got a new coworker or new male friend or somebody that she met that’s cool, and you instantly spiral into jealous insecurity, than this blog article isn’t for you. That means you have some trust issues to work out, friend.

This article is for people who feel pretty comfortable in their relationship but has some questions about whether or not their partner is being faithful.

How Can You Tell If She’s Cheating?

couple dealing with sexual problems

Something’s off.

You have to know what’s normal for her in order to know what’s not normal. If you’re not paying attention to her, and her cheating goes right over your head, than bro. That’s on you.

She’s distant.

She’s not present with you, she’s on her phone, she’s never home, your communication isn’t regular, and even when she’s in the room with you, it feels like she’s far away.

She’s literally far away.

She’s spending a lot of time away from you, whether that’s working late at the office or at the mall on the weekends, she just doesn’t seem to be around anymore.

She starts accusing you of cheating.

An interesting psychological trick of cheaters is that they’re often very insecure and are worried that you’re cheating. If they’re constantly accusing you of being the cheating party, it’s a good indication that they’re the kind of person that would cheat themselves. They assume that they have something to worry about, because all of us believes that everyone operates on more-or-less the same level we do.

She’s not having sex or being intimate with you.

Sometimes this looks like her pulling away from kisses and cuddles and putting a lot of physical distance between you and her. She’s not as down for sex as she used to be.

That said, there are some instances where she’s going to be more interested in sex, because the more sex that someone has, the more sex they want. But more likely, she’s going to be wanting more sex from that other guy.

So for the most part, you’ll see a decrease in your sex life.

Even if you’re always game, and always attentive, and always wanting to do what she wants, she will still withdraw, you’ll have less sex, less intimacy, and less physical connection than what you’re used to.

If you see all or most of these signs, it’s a good time to go communicate with her about it. Just say “Hey, I’m noticing a lot of distance. I’m noticing that we’re not having sex as much as usual. Is something going on? I’m afraid you might be seeing someone else.”

Communication is key.

How to Prevent Cheating In Your Relationship

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Communicate Regularly.

Communicate regularly about your relationship. Make sure that both of you are in the know about how you’re doing as a couple.

This type of communication can be really challenging. Seek out the help of a coach or a counselor or set aside some time once a week to talk about your relationship. If you own a home together or have kids, also talk about those things during that time. Have a weekly meeting about your finances. Check in with each other! How do you feel together? Are you communicating? Are you having regular sex and intimacy?  Are you spending time together? Do you feel loving with and to each other? If not, what can you do to restore those things in your relationship before something bad happens?

Keep her satisfied in the bedroom.

If you’re the stereotypical guy who ejaculates before she has an orgasm and then rolls over and falls asleep, understand that she’s going to feel really disappointed with your sex life.

If you’re too embarrassed to learn how to last longer in bed, cure your premature ejaculation, and actually do something to change it, understandably she’ll feel frustrated.

I’ve spoken to men and women where the man had premature ejaculation for 20 years and never did anything about it or acknowledge it. Inevitably, she asked for a divorce because she was tired of it. She wanted her sexual needs to be on the table and up for discussion.

Should she have said something earlier? Absolutely. But many people don’t have the skills it requires to have a conversation about sex. You can prevent a divorce by initiating these conversations early.

If you take nothing else away from this, understand that not doing anything or hoping that premature ejaculation is going to go away when you’re older is not going to cure it. You actually HAVE to do something active to make premature ejaculation go away. It’s possible! You can start seeing a huge difference with premature ejaculation in as little as two weeks. In fact, you can see results by the end of tonight, but you have to start now before you risk the end of your relationship.

If you’re looking to boost confidence and improve sexual performance, especially to last longer in bed, check out my Come When You Want Masterclass. This class is designed to help men last longer in bed, become more confident lovers, and master control over their ejaculation.

Do new and interesting things.

couple playing together

Women’s brains need novelty. They need new and exciting stuff. (We all do, but ESPECIALLY women’s brains when it comes to sex.)

Try different positions, get a little kinky, get a little sensual, get a little energetic… keep things fresh and fascinating. Go get a hotel room. Take her out for your anniversary. Go hot tubbing, go skiing, look at naked pics of other people together. I don’t care HOW you achieve novelty, but do something new and interesting for her.

Take her needs seriously.

Be proactive about meeting her needs. If she says “Hey, I really need more one-on-one time with you,” she’s probably been thinking about it for a while and is only just now saying it to you. Listen for her to communicate her needs. Usually when couples split they say things like “Well I’ve been saying this for years” or “I knew this was an issue the moment we got together.”

Having regular, ongoing communication about your relationship can prevent you from being surprised later.

Amazing Sex Helps Prevent Cheating. Learn How to Become a Better Lover Today.

One of the most fundamental steps to a strong, cheat-proof relationship is making sure you’re a great lover who can tend to her needs in bed. If you’re trying to last longer in bed, take control over your ejaculations, and give her multiple orgasms, be sure to check out my Come When You Want Masterclass. Learn exactly how to last longer in bed naturally in as little as three weeks.

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