When Not to Thrust During Sex

thrusting during sex

Picture this: Your woman starts kissing you in bed, pushing her hips against you, running her hands through your hair and then suddenly, she gets on top of you…

But then, you notice she starts moving and grooving, grinding her hips against you. And in that moment, you know you’re going to have an incredible experience together.

Ok, let’s back up a bit and focus on the keyword here, “GRINDING.” See how we emphasize grinding instead of thrusting or bouncing?

Many red-blooded men like you get a lot of sex ideas from porn, and so it makes sense that you’d think you have to thrust during sex the entire time. 

That could be why you think sex is all about the “in and out” and “in and out”….

But maybe your woman is trying to tell you something when she grinds against you in those circular motions. 

In this article, I’m going to explain to you when not to thrust during sex, what to do instead, and why this new technique feels SO GOOD for her.

2 Major Reasons to Grind in a Circular Motion

There are two major reasons to grind in a circular motion instead of thrusting sometimes. 

1. Your girl has a shallow network of erectile tissue right under her skin on her vulva.

Let’s break this down a bit. 

This network of erectile tissue is part of the clit, and we all know the clit is the goddess of female pleasure. 

In fact, most women can’t even orgasm without some sort of clitoral stimulation.

The clit isn’t just made up of the tiny nub we know and love — it’s an entire network that spans down the length of the labia.

So when she’s aroused, this entire area — HER ENTIRE VULVA — gets puffy and erect.

And it feels AMAZING for her to undulate, adding circular pressure on this puffy, erectile part of the clit.

2. This circular grinding motion is good for you, too. 

Because when you grind in a circular motion, you’ll reach orgasm slower than if you just stick with in-and-out thrusting. 

That’s right — this means you can spend enough time making love to her so she can get to the moaning and cumming, and so you can give her all that pleasure before you cum too. 

And if you still find yourself reaching orgasm before either of you are ready, you absolutely have to check out my course Come When YOU Want.

How to Master Grinding During Sex

At first, you may find grinding in a circular motion, well, a little weird. 

Here’s how to become the sex Jedi of the anti-thrust. 

Step 1: Improve your Pelvic Mobility

You are constantly hitting the gym. Lifting weights and improving your cardio. That’s all great, but now I want you to start adding pelvic exercise to your routine. 

Loosen up your hip muscles by practicing hip undulations, or hip circles. All I want you to do is slightly bend your knees, and move your hips clockwise and counterclockwise.

Next, I want you to loosen up your pelvic floor and spine with spine circles. Slightly bend your knees and move your spine in a circle while keeping your hips as still as possible. Your shoulders should remain level as you perform your spine circles!

These are so great because they stretch out the pelvic floor and loosen the spine, making it easier for you to move in exactly the way she likes. 

Step 2: Get Her on Top!

Having her on top is great for both of you, because it gives her ultimate control, and allows you to sit back and relax, watching her enjoy herself. 

Encourage her to move her hips in the ways that feel best to her, and pay close attention to what she does. (Take mental notes, my dudes!)

BONUS TIP: Mix up In-and-Out Thrusting with Circular Motions.

This not only prevents you from ejaculating too soon, but it also will make her beg for it. This will give her both g-spot and clitoral stimulation at different times, changing things up and keeping things interesting. 

Time to WOW her in the Bedroom — or wherever you may be!

So now that you know how to move your hips like an expert sex dancer, giving her intensely pleasurable clitoral stimulation and finally being able to last long enough to make her come, she’s going to be amazed at how much more skillful you are than any other partner she’s ever had. 

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