What Women REALLY Think about your Pubic Hair

You’re on the internet, minding your own business, when suddenly you see it: an article about manscaping

As you shift anxiously in your chair, you are suddenly hyper aware of the forested regions in your boxers… your pubes are as untouched and wild as Yosemite. 

It makes you wonder: should you REALLY be as hairless as 17-year-old Mario Lopez down there? Or should you make like John Muir and keep it wild? 

But most importantly, what do women want? What do women think about your pubic hair? 

She will never tell you how to manscape down there.

She will never tell you how to manscape down there.

You may have no idea how your woman wants you to manscape, but we women know. Because we talk. We have opinions. We know what we like. 

But she will NEVER tell you how to manscape down there, because she doesn’t want to be THAT GIRL. 

“Seriously, can you comb your taint hair sometime, Jack?” 

Four Things She’s Thinking About Your Pubic Hair

I’m going to give you some man-hair truths, and what she wants you to do about them.  I’ll also give you one essential thing to keep in mind before you even think about manscaping.

MAN HAIR TRUTH #1: Your penis looks bigger when your pubes look shorter. 

This doesn’t mean you should go as smooth as a Ken Doll down there, but it does mean you should take a pair of beard clippers and trim your pubes closer to your skin. 

Congratulations, your dick just grew 2 inches. You can thank me in the comments. :)

MAIN HAIR TRUTH #2: Your family jewels will smell better with less hair.  

Hair traps bacteria, and bacteria smells like a preteen boy’s shoe. Trim hair shorter — or shave or wax it all together — for maximum cleanliness.

Which leads me to my next point. 

MAIN HAIR TRUTH #3: less fur makes blow jobs easier for her. 

You ever get a cat hair stuck in your mouth during sex, and you have to stop to fish it out, and it kinda kills the mood? 

Yeah. Same thing, expect you really don’t want her fishing around in her mouth for one of YOUR stray pubes. 

MAIN HAIR TRUTH #4: Your kinky gal can rim you NO PROBLEM — if you have less hair around your butthole. 

Like butt stuff? Wax off the fur, my man. 

Most people don’t want to go butthole surfing — rimming, pegging, what have you — when they have to chop through a forest to get to the good stuff. 

How Women Prefer Body Hair on Men

Armed with this new intel, how can you start using this knowledge today?

Because don’t get me wrong, women DO love body hair on a man, but it helps to keep it trimmed.

So, your options are: 

  • Shave it
  • Trim it
  • Or grab yourself a pair of electric clippers to make the process a little quicker and easier. 

OR, something to consider: incorporate shaving into your foreplay routine. Bring your woman into the bath or shower and shave each others pubes. It’s hotter than it sounds. 

The Link Between Manscaping and STIs

The Link Between Manscaping and STIs

Now that you’re going to be trimming, shaving, and waxing on the regular, be aware that scientists have discovered a link between pubic hair trimming, waxing, and contracting STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

This might be because people who manscape are more likely to have sex, which makes them more likely to contract an STI.

Some scientists believe, however, that removing pubic hair might tear the skin, opening entryways for bacteria and viruses. 

So consider this  — and maybe don’t have sex the very same day you wax, trim, or snip, especially if you’re having sex with a new partner.

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