What to drink to last longer in bed (Natural ways to manage premature ejaculation)

In a world where we mix protein powders in breakfast shakes, where we count macros, and where we attempt to measure and optimize every part of life, it would make sense to apply that same line of thinking to sexual intercourse.

After all.. maybe you notice that your sexual stamina changes based on how you feel — how much you drank, how much you smoked, how much you ate, how stressed you’ve been…

Maybe it’s got you thinking: “what can I eat or drink that can help me last longer in bed? Is there anything I can do to boost endurance?”

Maybe you want to finally be able to control your ejaculation, and you’d be willing to try anything to make sex last longer.

You’re tired of busting off too early during sex, and being too sleepy to help your woman reach orgasm.

In fact, you dream of bringing your woman to orgasm through being able to make penetration as long as she needs. But in order to do this, you need to gain control over when you ejaculate.

That’s why, in this article, I’m here to show you exactly how to manage premature ejaculation the natural way … without the use of numbing creams, pumps, or having to squeeze your dick in the middle of the sex session. (because that’s never fun.)

I’m going to show you what the science says about mixing alcohol and sex… what herbs and foods you can eat to improve sexual pleasure and stamina, and how to ACTUALLY end premature ejaculation for good — without using supplements, medications, or alcohol as a crutch.

Is there really a drink out there that can help you last longer in bed naturally?

fancy couple having drinks

Here’s an essential question… can you really DRINK something that will help you take longer to climax? … doesn’t that sound too good to be true? A magic elixir that can boost your confidence, make you feel sexy, and make your cock hard as a rock for longer than usual?

Sounds like a pipe dream, right?

Yes and no.

Here’s the thing… nothing out there can miraculously turn your cock into a dragon slayer.

Bodies don’t work like that.

But what I can tell you is: your heart health and testosterone levels are essential for arousal, penile function and how much stamina you have in the sack.

Because if you want to rock her all night long — making her super wet, giving her rolling orgasms, making her beg, turning her into putty in your hands… You’re going to need to start taking better care of your body.

What Too Many People Miss: The Actual Science Behind Erectile Function

Too many articles on the internet say “drink this!” “eat bananas!” without backing up their claims with scientific evidence.

As a sex coach who used to be a sex researcher, everything I do is based in empirical evidence. Science matters to me. That’s why everything I tell you to eat, drink, or swallow in this article is backed up by clinical studies. Because when it comes to premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, arousal, and libido, I don’t want you wasting time chasing a pipe dream. I want you to chase what works so you can start giving her earth-shattering orgasms and so you can finally start to enjoy your sex life… without the anxiety of worrying if you’re going to ejaculate too soon.

That’s also why I’m going to focus on the big picture of what it means to improve your sexual stamina for better sex … because a short-term band aid solution will only cure the problem for so long… and then you’re stuck at square one.

What’s the role of alcohol in managing premature ejaculation?

can drinking alcohol help you last longer in bed?

I know why you’re here… you think there’s a cocktail (pun very intended) that can give you hours of sex… And you’d be half right.

Enjoying a little alcohol before sex can make you a better, more confident lover, who isn’t mired in performance anxiety and overthinking.

Because here’s the thing about alcohol: alcohol can relax you enough to help you chill out before and during sex.

A little bit of booze can boost the average time from erection to climax.

But too much alcohol can wreck your sex life by rendering you unable to achieve erection… and then deal with erectile dysfunction.

So drink up me hearties, because we’re about to dive into how alcohol can be a great way to let loose and enjoy yourself, but how too much can cause even more erectile problems.

Alcohol can give you a boost of confidence before taking off your pants.

couple during foreplay

It’s called “liquid courage” for a reason.

Look — you never would have gotten kicked out of that hotel bar in Indiana if you weren’t smashed.

That’s exactly why a little dose of alcohol can do wonders when it comes to giving us a little boost of confidence before diving into foreplay with your super hot lady.

If you’ve ever been a little tipsy, you know some whisky on the rocks helps loosen your inhibitions and makes you say “why the hell not”.

This can be a huge help if you’re feeling a little anxious… because what guy isn’t at least a little bit unnerved when he’s on a date that might lead to the bedroom later? Talk about pressure. If you have sweaty palms, shallow breathing, and an endless reel of thoughts through your head saying “you’re going to bust too soon!” “She’s going to think you suck at this!”

Then take a deep breath and call the bartender, because you, sir, might benefit from a drink.

Alcohol can help us get out of our heads and into our bodies

The thinking brain is not always our friend when it comes to great sex…

Here’s why.

When you’re solving problems, thinking about issues, worrying, and otherwise preoccupied with thoughts running through your head, it can be hard to keep your cool during sex.

In fact, sometimes our thinking brain makes it hard to achieve an erection at all.

Life happens: jobs are lost, people die, hardships are faced, money is lost, children are born… but we can still have an amazing sex life if we allow our bodies to relax and enjoy sensations in the moment.

We can enjoy foreplay as it is: a way to facilitate intimate connection before penetration. We can slow down in the moment.

A little bit of alcohol can help with this.

Alcohol can help numb you to sensations

couple sharing a glass of wine

Think about it… when you’ve had a few drinks, the snow doesn’t feel so cold anymore. The rain doesn’t feel so wet. Falling off your bar stool doesn’t hurt so bad….


Sometimes, the sex is so good it sends you over the edge, but if you’re a couple drinks in, those sensations don’t send you past the point of no return anymore. It takes you longer to come.

So instead of slathering on cold, clinical numbing creams (that can also numb her vagina), maybe you just need to snap open a Bud Light. Having a couple drinks in your system can help you last longer in bed because you’re not so overwhelmed by how her mouth feels on your dick, or how hot she looks with her shirt off… you’re going to be just dulled enough that you’re not going to bust off immediately. You’ll be more relaxed than that. And in this situation, that’s a good thing.

But if you don’t want to turn into a dulled-out zombie and avoid the booze, simply wearing a condom and slathering on lots of lube can act as a great desensitizer by reducing friction on your penis.

Alcohol can loosen your inhibitions.

Feelin’ lucky?

You’re significantly less likely to consider the consequences to your actions when you’re a few drinks in … which means if you and your girl have been thinking about trying pegging for the first time ever, tonight might be the night.

Alcohol.org said it best, “When you drink alcohol, it is thought to raise levels of GABA in the brain. GABA is one of the brain’s chemical messengers, or neurotransmitters, that helps you to feel relaxed, and it aids in lowering anxiety and stress.”

This can be a good thing, because it means you’re not so anxious about what your woman thinks about how long you last or how well you perform. You’re more likely to relax and enjoy being with a beautiful woman.

But how does this help stop premature ejaculation? Anxiety plays a huge role in early ejaculation, and alcohol can help take the edge off those anxious feelings.

A study published in 2014 states that “Performance anxiety during intercourse was significantly associated with […] premature ejaculation.”

If you’re no longer worried about the judging eyes of your wife or girlfriend, or not giving her a good enough time, or BEING good enough … or even if you’re worried about factors outside of your relationship, like work and family woes, it can cause anxiety around performance in the bedroom, which is directly attributed to early ejaculation.

Does Drinking Less Alcohol Improve Your Sex Life?

happy couple kissing and laughing

It’s complicated.

It depends on how much you drink — will alcohol help or ultimately hurt your sexual performance?

It also, surprisingly, depends on how much your partner drinks.

If you’re feelin’ no pain because you’ve downed half a whiskey drink, and she’s stone cold sober, you guys might not be able to stay on the same wavelength.

If we look at the science, it looks like there’s a “goldilocks zone” of appropriate drinks a man can have before his sexual performance starts going downhill. In a word: some is good, a lot is bad. For example, a study published in the Journal of Gerontology states “the happiness of couples was directly proportional to their drinking habits”. Young married couples who drank together more experienced happier relationships overall.

To confuse you more, a study published in 2009 found that men who drank in moderation saw a 30% reduction in erectile problems.

The Difference Between Getting a Little Buzzed and Sloppy Drunk

What does too much alcohol do to your sexual performance?

When you take those first few glorious sips of the night after a long, hard day at work, the alcohol acts as a stimulant. Your first couple of drinks might make you feel exhilarated and excited. Maybe it makes you feel really happy to be done with work for the day. Cheers. But what about a few drinks later?

After the alcohol starts coursing through your system, and as it starts to wear off a bit, your body becomes sluggish and dulled to the senses, blood has a harder time circulating around your body, your nerve sensitivity wanes. This is when the alcohol starts acting like a depressant — and might make it hard for you to achieve an erection at all. At this point, even if you have an erection, excessive booze might make it impossible to orgasm.

In a 2007 study, 72% of men with a dependence on alcohol presented with erectile dysfunction. So when you’re trying to overcome premature ejaculation the natural way by sipping on some rum and coke, make sure you’re not going overboard on the booze.

A couple drinks will do just fine, you don’t need to buy the entire liquor store.

Drinking Alcohol to Help with Premature Ejaculation does not solve the problem.

The problem of premature ejaculation is caused by more than alcohol can fix. Enjoying an ice-cold beer can help. But it won’t solve premature ejaculation.

In fact, I would advise against searching for short-term solutions to a long-term problem. Wouldn’t it be best to solve the underlying problem so you don’t always have to reach for the whiskey before you make love to a woman? Ending premature ejaculation is not only possible, but easy, if you follow my Come When You Want Masterclass. In this class, I lead you through the exact steps it takes to achieve ejaculatory control, so you can come whenever you want, last all night long, and give her the sexual adventure she’s been longing for.

As a sex coach, I’m here to help you solve the problem — not to slap a bandaid solution on it and call it done. Have that drink. But also seek real solutions that can help you end premature ejaculation for good. Your sex life is worth it.

Improve Your Overall Health, Improve Your Sex Life

athletic man with bike and helmet

The truth is, you can drink alcohol to last longer in bed tonight, but that’s no match for actually solving the problem of WHY you’re coming too early to begin with.

Don’t get it twisted… alcohol can help you in the moment, but an excess of alcohol can wreck your physical health… and take your sex life with it. If you’re looking to improve sexual performance, the health of your body comes first.

Here are other all-natural ways to improve sexual performance and last longer in bed.. without resorting to potentially toxic habits.

Nutrients from food can help you improve sexual function.

A lot of us underestimate the importance of nutrition and diet when it comes to sexual performance.

First of all, when you eat healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, it makes you taste better to your partner.

Literally, eating pineapples and leafy greens will improve the taste of your cum. “Anything that we ingest, whether it be food, drink, tobacco, etc., has the propensity to affect the taste and smell of our bodily fluids and secretions,” Nelson Bennett, MD, urologist at Northwestern Memorial tells Men’s Health.

Second of all, few things in this life are sexier than a man who takes care of his own body.

According to Healthline, there are a few foods out there that can help men boost sexual function and even last longer in bed — by promoting stronger erections. Choose foods high in L-citrulline, like watermelon, onions, garlic, nuts and legumes, salmon, red meat, and dark chocolate.

Foods that contain L-arginine can boost blood flow (essential for nice, strong erections), which include red meat, fish, whole grains, soy, beans, and dairy.

In a nutshell (pun very intended), the foods you eat — and how you treat your body — has a direct impact on how well you can function in bed. When your physical health has such a huge impact on your sexual performance, it makes sense to prepare your body for optimum physical success.

Supplements and herbs to help men boost sexual stamina

a man taking herbal supplements

There is so much magic to be found in the plant world.. And some of these plants can sprinkle a little magic by boosting sexual satisfaction, arousal, spiking libido, and even staving off erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, focus on herbs that can help boost levels of testosterone, lower stress levels, and improve blood flow. And before buying expensive herbal supplements, make sure you do your research and know what you’re buying — and if it even works.

Here is what the science does say: Ginseng can help. (In fact, Ginseng might be the wonder root that helps the human body with almost everything.)

Maxim points out: “A 2013 South Korean study found that taking ginseng for a few weeks helped men last significantly longer before blowing their load, and greatly improved their performance overall. Very nice.”

Very nice indeed. Another study says that ginseng can improve testosterone levels, promote relaxation (and fight against performance anxiety that contributes to premature ejaculation), and boost your libido.

Up to this point, studies on herbs and supplements have focused primarily on curing erectile dysfunction and improving sexual health overall… but since premature ejaculation is so rooted in anxiety, we can deduce that herbs that help with anxiety can also help with ejaculating too soon.

To manage anxiety that can dampen sexual desire and contribute to premature ejaculation (and erectile dysfunction), try herbs like chamomile, valerian, lavender, and cannabidiol (CBD).

Drinking Alcohol Cannot Cure Premature Ejaculation.

Drinking alcohol can delay ejaculation and give you a boost of confidence. It can bring you closer with your woman (because a nice buzz helps you get out on that dance floor, after all.) But whiskey on the rocks is not a long-term treatment plan.

Working with a sex coach taking a visit to see your urologist or sexual health professional, and what CAUSES premature ejaculation can help you take the necessary steps to overcoming it.

That’s why I created the Come When You Want Masterclass. In this scientifically-backed course with a 98% success rate, I will lead you through the reasons you’re experiencing early ejaculation, and the exact steps to overcome PE for good. Because you don’t need expensive pills or annoying numbing creams and pumps in order to last long enough to bring your woman joy and pleasure in bed. All you need is a path forward that shows you how to boost confidence, maintain killer erections, and gain ejaculatory control so you can last as long as you want… even if it’s a few hours.

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