Use Visualizations to Last Longer in Bed

Do you experience anxiety about sex because of premature ejaculation? When you want to last longer in bed, you need a mental toolbox that can help you do that. Each man is a little bit different, so the more tools and techniques, the better.

What can a guy do to last longer in bed? Here’s a natural way to prevent premature ejaculation, without the expensive pills, supplements or drugs that could make matters worse. These so-called “premature ejaculation cures” are trying to make a buck and won’t help you treat the underlying cause. So what’s a man to do?

First, don’t be afraid to drop me a line! You want to be able to last longer in bed, and I’m here to help.

Second, there’s an ancient part of your brain that can help you blast off when you choose. This part of your brain doesn’t operate on logic or language but is highly visual. This is what I call the Lizard Brain, and it plays a KEY ROLE in sexual performance.

This part of your brain can do something MAGICAL. It’s so powerful that athletes, performers, and leaders use this one technique to boost confidence and perform like a rock star. This technique is called visualization, and it can help you achieve a better sex life.

What is Visualization?

Visualization, or guided imagery, is when you use your mind’s eye to create images. These images can be of you doing things, or of things happening to you – it’s the process of using your imagination to place images in your brain!

Just as an athlete visualizes himself perfectly guiding the ball, you can also visualize yourself pleasing your woman with skill. You can use this visual data to help you make confident decisions, to direct yourself, and to control premature ejaculation for good.

“But how does my brain know that I’m not just making stuff up?” you ask.

Good news– the lizard part of your brain doesn’t know what imagination is. It doesn’t know if something is real or imagined. A lizard doesn’t ask whether the fly in front of it is real or imagined! It gulps it right up! Likewise, your brain gobbles up the story you tell it, and spits out data.

The Simple Trick to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation 

Here’s a two-minute exercise to understanding visualization. (It might be easier for you to pull up my video on YouTube and let me guide you through this!)

When you’re ready, close your eyes. Take a deeeeeeep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Visualize yourself in the kitchen. Walk over to where you keep the lemons.

(If you don’t have any lemons in your house, just imagine that you keep lemons in a basket or something. Lemons galore.)

Visualize yourself in first person (through your own eyes) grabbing a lemon. Pick it up, examine it. Look at the color, the size, test the plumpness, examine all the little dimples and pores on its surface. Get a strong visual of this lemon.

Now set it down on the cutting board, take a knife, and slice right through it.

Hold up half of this lemon – it is the most beautiful lemon you’ve ever seen. It glistens in the light. All the sections are perfectly proportioned and are overflowing with this beautiful, sweet, acidic lemon juice. In your visualization’s mind eye, hold this lemon up to your nose and give it a sniff.

Now take a BIG JUICY BITE of this tart, acidic lemon. Imagine all of this juice in your mouth. Taste the bright acidity, feel it on your tongue, on the sides of your mouth, and on your lips.

What’s happening in your mouth right now? Do you feel that?

Are you SALIVATING? You can thank your reptile brain for that! Your reptile brain THINKS it knows that you’re about to bite into a lemon, so it prepares your salivary glands!

Magic, right?

I know the lemon is a silly example. But you can use this exact same process in order to prepare for sexual experiences, to delay ejaculation, to last longer in bed, and to pleasure your woman.

Visualize the Hottest Sex of Your Life. Make it a Reality.

Use this same process – visualize yourself in bed with your lover, creating a beautiful sexual experience, lasting and lasting. Make your visualization as detailed as possible. Involve all the senses: taste, touch, sound, sight, scent.

Just as we examined the lemon, I want you to think about how you’re going to hold your partner, touch your partner, taste your partner. What you’re going to be doing with your hands and your entire body. And I want you to visualize, visualize, visualize until it’s such a habit that it is part of your entire sexual repertoire. I want you to visualize yourself succeeding, being an amazing lover, lasting exactly as long as you want, and ejaculating at the exact moment that you choose.


Once you get into bed, you’ll feel electric. You’ll feel in control. Don’t be surprised if your increased confidence means you’ll be able to last, and finally be able to satisfy your partner.

Still need expert guidance? I’m a sex and relationship coach who helps men last longer in bed for a better sex life and relationship. I combine evidence-based science and years of sexual health research to teach men techniques to lasting longer in bed, how to please women, and to create the sexual chemistry that will turn up the heat. Let’s talk! I’m here for your free consultation whenever you need me.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can learn to use random fruits and vegetables in your house to get it on! (Omg, I’m kidding. Am I kidding? I don’t know! Subscribe and stay tuned to find out!)

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