The Female Sex Organ Nobody’s Talking About

Today I’m here to blow the top off a long-standing secret of the female anatomy. As much as you THINK you know about vaginas and the elusive female orgasm, I can guarantee you didn’t know this part of the clitoris.  

I have been sitting on this for seriously two years. And I apologize, because this is about to take your woman’s sexual arousal up to level 11.  

What makes me so confident? Well, some of it is experience, and some is science.  

As a professional sex coach, I’ve given a lot of tips and techniques about sexual intercourse, vaginal stimulation, masturbation, and different types of orgasms throughout the years. This one is probably the most earth-shattering.

Trust me when I say that this sexual activity is going to have women all over the world doing backflips of pleasure, bucking their pelvis, punching walls with climax.
Grab the lube, because this is going to change how you view vaginal orgasm and change how you approach foreplay, intercourse, and sexual stimulation.
How do I know that? Because I have seen this lead to orgasm myself. Because ever since I came up with this technique, I have seen it work again and again and again. When I share this with my clients, I get text messages that say “thank you, thank you, thank you!”
Sexual pleasure unlocked.
Enough prelude, what are we talking about here? DRUMROLL PLEASE!

We’re talking about the vestibular bulbs!

Not a sexy title, BUT a very sexy part of the female anatomy, and a key to making vaginal intercourse amazing.
Most people focus on the clit or on penetration to bring a woman to orgasm.
They’re not wrong – the clit is a tiny firework powerhouse of amazing nerve endings and pleasure and it absolutely feels good and should be stimulated before intercourse. But did you know there’s more to the pleasure-giving magic of the vagina than the clit and g-spot?

The Part of the Vagina (and clitoris) That Few People Know About

The clit is just one part of a network of tissue in the vagina and vulva that becomes aroused and engorged, and indeed, erect. Women have erectile tissue in the same way that men have erectile tissue. A man’s erectile tissue is, of course, all concentrated in the penis.
Most people think the clitoris is just a couple centimeters long, but there’s a lot more under that clitoral hood than meets the eye.
In women, there are FIVE different areas of erectile tissue. We got it all spread out!
The clit is one of those areas, and now I’m going to teach you about the clitoral bulb — often the secret ingredient to female orgasm.
Two “bulbs” of tissue sit on the left and the right side of the vaginal opening on the outside of the body (aka the vulva) but tucked into the lips or outer labia. Imagine that the clit has two legs. This area is called the crura (which I happen to think is a beautiful name, it sounds like a dessert!)
The clit sits on top, and the crura runs down from both sides of the clit towards the vaginal opening on the left and the right.
These “legs” are very small, very thin, and are not super firm. It’s not really possible for you to feel them by touching the skin around the clitoris or down the two labia. But the vestibular bulbs, which run along the crura of the clitoris, you CAN feel.
Here’s the thing: you can feel them when they become engorged, aroused, erect.
You can’t feel them if you were just going to run your hands alongside a non-aroused vulva.  But they are there, and they are key to the overall system of arousal for a female-bodied woman or person.

Here’s a diagram that might help:

By the way: if you’re thinking, “Caitlin, what the heck? I’ve seen plenty of vulvas, I’ve never noticed these things under the clitoral hood, I’ve never heard about them. They’re not in any other videos on YouTube or any of the anatomy books that I’ve read.”
Yeah! That is because 99 percent of people do not even know about this hidden erogenous zone. Women don’t even know about their own clitoral glans!
Even I only recently came across this gem of female sexuality. And that is when I developed this clitoral stimulation technique that I’m about to share with you so you can give your woman a clitoral orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Caitlin V’s Triangle Technique

The Triangle Technique is something you can do during oral sex to harness the power of the crura and vestibular bulbs.
And, it’s a great way to give her amazing sensations and lead her straight to vaginal orgasms through intercourse or by using a vibrator … or even just your hands (with lubricant, of course.)
Imagine your female partner’s vagina as a triangle with the clitoris on top and the vestibular bulbs on either side of the vaginal opening on the left and the right.
All this technique requires you to do is to stimulate her clit with your tongue, and then move to one bulb and then move to the other bulb.
All you’re trying to do is gently stimulate these body parts. I recommend using a little bit of suction to pull blood into the erectile tissue. MAYBE if she’s into it (or if she’s a little kinky) you can put GENTLE light little nibbles, remembering this is very sensitive skin. And you can put pressure with your tongue, pushing the bulbs up against the body.
You don’t need a battery-powered clitoral stimulator or sex toy after all, not with this trick. (Although those can be very fun, even during sexual intercourse.)

How Do You Know if The Triangle Technique is Working to give her an orgasm?

couple having sex in bed

So how do you know if you’re leading her to orgasm and giving her sexual arousal? The vestibular bulbs will begin to engorge and enflame. Her labia and vulva will become larger and you will be able to feel them better with your tongue, lips, or fingers. You will be able to visually see that the outside of her vulva gets deeper and darker in color. Her labia majora puffs up, or begins to look enflamed.  

If you’ve ever had sex with someone and rolled over after sex and looked at her vulva and you noticed it was puffy on the outside – that’s because of the vestibular bulbs! It’s just like a shaft that gets erect during sexual arousal… it’s just not as obvious as it is on a man’s genitals.  

By using the triangle technique during foreplay and incorporating the clitoral bulbs into foreplay, you are going to boost her sexual response and increase the chance of her reaching orgasm. The only way that you’ll know for sure that is works is if you go test it out with direct clitoral stimulation.  

And I fully expect to see all of your gushy thank you’s in the comments below!  

So. In summary, the vestibular bulbs and crura is the secret female anatomy that’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time. Stimulate them with pressure using your fingers, lips, and tongue.  

Cue intense clitoral orgasm.  

Master the Clitoral Orgasm for amazing sex

 For more tips and techniques for more delicious sexual intercourse, apply for one-on-one coaching today!  

I specialize in helping men master the female orgasm, increase confidence, and giving you the low-down on EXACTLY how to give your woman the best sexual experience of her life. Because an amazing sex life makes for an amazing relationship AND an amazing life.    

If you’re looking for more tips on mastering stimulation of the clitoris, how to rock at sexual intercourse, and how to lead her to orgasm, check out my course, She Comes Too. In it, you’ll learn how to have amazing penetrative sex that makes her come every single time, what the majority of women need in order to orgasm, and how to give her endless sexual pleasure.  

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