The Amazing Benefits of Morning Sex (And how to start having more of it)

Half of the magic of life lies in having a good morning. And the key to a good rest of the day might be an orgasm after a good night’s sleep.

Too many of us wake up to an alarm clock and immediately dive into crappy habits, like scrolling mindlessly through social media or hitting the snooze button. Most of us don’t even give ourselves a chance to wake up before we start reading emails, taking orders, and spinning plates, all before 8 am.

What if we started the day a better way? And no, I’m not about to pitch some all-natural breakfast cereal with dried cranberries and almonds. I’m going to pitch something way more delicious: a good morning romp.

The Universe Gives You Morning Wood for a Reason

If you’re like a lot of men, your body is already asking for sex before your first cup of coffee. The presence of “morning wood”, or as sexual scientists call it, “Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT)”, is a morning erection.

This is a normal function of the male reproductive system, and signals that a man’s nerves and blood supply are healthy, according to Medical News Today.

A morning erection doesn’t happen necessarily out of sexual arousal, or because you had a sexy dream. They’re just a normal part of being a man, like having the perfect marinade recipe or wearing a leather belt.

It’s a good thing. You might as well use morning wood to your advantage.

Does It Matter When You Have Sex?

Most couples don’t give much thought to WHEN they have sex. They think it’s enough to have sex a couple times a week before they fall asleep at night. Which is great… if sex happens at all.

Too often, leaving sex for the evening hours means we’re coming to bed after a long day with tired bodies and a mind that’s racing through tomorrow’s to-do list.

We might feel like we have to get a certain amount of sleep in order to function the next day, or we can’t get in the mood because we’re bone-deep exhausted. This is not the best set up for hot sex.

If you have kids or a demanding job (or both, you rockstars), you know what I’m talking about.

When you end up in a sexless marriage or relationship because you and your partner have different sex drives… Or you find yourself not enjoying sex as much as you used to because you’re having a hard time settling your mind so late at night… Or if you find yourself not being able to last as long in bed… Having more morning sex just might be the answer for you.

And furthermore, there’s even better news. Morning sex brings a slew of amazing health benefits that night sex just doesn’t offer. Let’s get into it.

The Health Benefits of Morning Sex

older couple in bed together

Sex at any time of day is unequivicably good for you, but morning sex may boast an edge when it comes to your physical health (and the health of your relationship!) Once you start getting it on in the morning hours, you’ll be able to:

  • Have more sex
  • Overcome your different libidos
  • Last longer in bed
  • Achieve greater productivity during the day
  • Feel close to your partner
  • Suddenly become a morning person because mornings have never been better.

Getting it on in the morning leads to more frequent sexual encounters.

As I previously mentioned, your body is simply ready for sex first thing in the morning. Male bodies produce more testosterone in the morning hours, meaning you’re ready for sexual activity. The idea that sex is an inherently “night time” activity is deeply engrained in our heads. Which means we’re constantly missing out on other opportunities to get it on (mainly because it never crosses our minds.)

Think about it… when’s the last time you had an “afternoon delight”? When’s the last time you had lunchtime sex? When’s the last time you got it on in the morning?

Introducing more morning sex into our lives is a great way to “break the script” and redefine the role that sex plays in our daily lives.

It’s not just something we should do ONLY in the darkness of night, but it’s something we should be open to at any hour of the day.

Opening our minds — and the possibilities — of morning sex means we’re opening our daily schedules for more sexy encounters. Which ultimately leads to more sexual encounters.

Morning sex can help couples overcome mismatched libidos.

couple having morning sex

When one partner wants more sex than the other, it can feel like nothing works.

You try to initiate sex night after night, but it never seems to make any headway with your partner. She’s either always too tired or stressed… and here’s the thing… trying at night sex over and over with no result isn’t going to magically get you anywhere.

It might be time to try a different time of day that might work better for your partner.

Secondly, couples with mismatched libidos might benefit from redefining what sex even is. Perhaps you can wake up your woman with a sensual, aromatherapeutic massage. Maybe someone can masturbate while the other person watches. Or maybe sex can simply be snuggling naked beneath the sheets.

All sound lovely.

Choosing to redefine sex and WHEN to have sex can help couples break out of the sexual scripts and stories that have led to a sexual rut.

Which leads us to our next point…

Morning sex can help you feel closer to your partner.

couple flirting with morning coffee

Not only will you have a spring in your step all day and achieve more at work, but feelings of love and closeness with your partner will last all day long. After sex, the hormone vasopressin rises, prompting men to feel more emotional attachment.

A German study from the 1980s found that men who kiss their wives goodbye every morning lived, on average, an entire five years longer than men who DON’T kiss their wives.

“The kissing husbands earned 20 to 35 percent more money and used less sick time than their peers who left with no goodbye kiss,” reports Linda Bloom, LCSW, to Psychology Today.

Why? It could be because of what sex researchers call “the love cocktail.”

When you enjoy intimacy with your partner — even if it’s just a long hug or an affectionate goodbye kiss — your body releases hormones and feel-good chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins.

This love cocktail of hormones directly leads to a higher sense of emotional wellbeing for both partners, and a sense that your partner is the direct CAUSE of those warm, fuzzy, happy feelings. A great way to build a strong relationship is to feel close to each other before you go about your separate days.

Talk about “staying power”…

Morning sex helps men last longer in bed

Speaking of “staying power”, men who have sex in the morning have stronger erections and don’t ejaculate too early. This is because of the glorious spike in testosterone we keep talking about.

This just goes to show how important testosterone is when it comes to amazing sex. (If you’re worried you might be running a bit low on testosterone, check out my article, “Scary Signs You Have Low Testosterone (& 4 tricks to Boost your T-levels)”

Multiple studies point to the importance of testosterone when it comes to male sexual performance. A study from 2007 shows that men who struggle with low testosterone also see signs of erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire.

A study from 2018 says “Testosterone (T) is deeply involved in every step of the male sexual response”, including erection strength and orgasmic function. By taking advantage of your body’s heightened testosterone levels in the morning, you’re essentially improving your sexual function across the board. This means better sex for you, and a most pleasurable way to start the day for her. Wink wink.

Morning sex makes you a high-performing rockstar throughout your entire day.

successful businessman

Most men want to feel like they’re kicking ass at life. You might take life by the balls by drinking protein shakes with a raw egg each morning, by bio-hacking the optimum times for when and how you eat, or making sure you’re always on top of your game at work. What if I told you that the secret to becoming a successful man in your life and career is simply to get it on first thing in the morning?

Hear me out… It’s simple science.

Sex makes people happy. Sex floods the body with feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, and endorphins. (Remember that love cocktail we talked about?) Happy people show up to work with a positive attitude, perform better, and get the promotion.

Here’s the straight-up science from The Journal of Management: “Using a 2-week daily diary study of married, employed adults, we found that (a) when employees engaged in sex at home, they reported increased positive affect at work the following day, independent of the effects of marital satisfaction; (b) sex at home increased both daily job satisfaction and daily job engagement as a function of increased positive affect.”

So if you want to climb that corporate ladder, grow your business into the stratosphere, win big, and get rich, you should start the day with a steamy sexy wake-up session.

Suddenly become a morning person because mornings have never been better.

Listen up, night owls, there’s a way to love 6 am again: associate it with sex.

Remember when you were a kid and waking up at 5 am was super easy because you couldn’t wait to go on that fishing trip with your cousins? Or how about that big flight to Fiji you’ve been looking forward to for MONTHS? Getting out of bed for that early morning flight isn’t even difficult, but exciting.

In a word, it’s not so hard to get out of bed when we have something to get out of bed FOR. If you have exciting morning plans, you’ll be perfectly happy to set your alarm for a little earlier.

Sometimes couples just have to get innovative.

Many of us hate to admit it, but we live hectic lives. Many couples have jobs that prevent them from going to bed at the same time. Or maybe you have little kids that sometimes bust down your door if they can’t sleep at night.

In these situations, you have to get a little creative and innovative when it comes to getting it on with your partner.

In fact, when couples prioritize sex and work hard for a healthy sex life, they’re more likely to enjoy a dynamic, healthy sexual relationship with each other that lasts through the years.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to start having more morning sex… so you can start putting sex first by making it first thing you do each day.

How to start having more morning sex

couple being playful in bed

It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning lark or a night owl, switching the time of day you have sex can be a real challenge at first. Here are the sex essential steps to take to start having more morning sex, so you can last longer in bed, strengthen your relationship, and have a spring in your step all day long.

1. Plan it out and talk about it beforehand.

You can’t expect mornings to go from being the most hectic time of the day to being the sexiest and most relaxing without planning it out first.

Talk to your partner about your idea… and ask her if this is something she might be open to. You could say something like “I enjoy having sex with you so much that I think it would be so awesome to start the day like that,” or let her know that you usually feel horniest in the morning but aren’t sure how to approach the subject with her.

If you talk to her about it beforehand, she’ll be mentally prepared in the morning (and she might even be the one to initiate.)

2. Start by making her feel good.

Morning sex doesn’t always have to mean waking up and immediately hammering away like jackrabbits. Let this be an act of love, affection, and creativity.

You can wrap it into quality time before the hectic day starts.

Especially on the weekends (or how early you’re willing to wake up), morning sex can become a ritual involving coffee, aromatherapeutic massage, and maybe even some breakfast in bed. It’s time to spoil your partner, after all. Slink out of bed and bring her some water, breath mints, and coffee. She’ll be pleasantly surprised to wake up to her partner doting on her.

Heck, if you feel like going the extra mile, you could whip up a stack of pancakes or a green smoothie before getting in your horizontal morning workout. ;)

Make waking up a lovely experience, and not just because sex… but because you’re using this time to intentionally bond with each other.

This concept also goes for foreplay — especially if you’re both still waking up, starting with some rubbing, neck kissing, and massaging can go a long way in helping both partners feel ready to start the day right.

3. Start showering in the morning … together.

couple having sex in the shower

A lot of women avoid morning sex because they’re worried about their hygeine right after waking — they worry, “does my breath smell horrendous?”, “Did I sweat excessively in my sleep last night?”, “Do I look like a washed up bag?”

These thoughts can prevent her from being able to relax enough to feel turned on. This is why a shower might be in order: to freshen you both up enough to get it on.

In fact, a morning shower is a great idea for a couple reasons: you can bond by affectionately bathing each other before heading off to work, you can save time by showering together, and as the icing on the cake — you can save on your water bill.


After all, is there any bigger turn-on than seeing each other all wet and sudsy and naked? You might have some of the best sex of your life by doing this. Waking up early has never been more worth it.

4. Let her know how beautiful she looks first thing in the morning

For a lot of women, it’s hard to feel in the mood for sex first thing in the morning. First of all, we typically don’t experience heightened libido until later in the day, and second, we can feel self-conscious about how we look first thing in the morning.

We don’t have any makeup on, we might have eye goop, and we might even feel puffy. The best way to put her at ease and make her feel sexy again … compliment her! Tell her how beautiful she is in the morning light, how cute she looks when she’s crawling out of the cobwebs of sleep, how her relaxed body is extra beautiful, and how good she smells.

Her guard will come down, and she’ll be more likely to relax into the idea of having sex.

5. Keep your standards low

When we’re talking about morning sex, we’re talking about drowsy, lazy, quickie sex. Which is honestly what makes it so great (especially for guys with PE). Instead of expecting a full hour of uninterrupted, intense sex with disco balls and glitter cannons, expect morning sex to be more like a slow-motion dream scape of pleasure. Which also sounds amazing.

6. Don’t forget about morning masturbation

handsome man in bed

If you try all of the above, and your partner still isn’t into morning sex?

Totally cool. And not surprising — most women don’t experience a rise in libido until later in the evening.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of morning sex at all! (Enter: solo sex.) You should just go for it and let your cock do some “cockadoodledoo” before the sunrise, because studies show it could be beneficial for your prostate health.

According to a 2016 study published in European Urology that followed thousands of men for nearly two decades, men who ejaculate frequently seem to have a lower risk for developing prostate cancer.

The doctor’s agree: wank before work.

Last Longer in Bed, Achieve Better Erections, and Strengthen Your Relationship by Having Sex in the Morning

The results are in: when it comes to evening sex vs. morning sex, it turns out that morning sex might be a better bet for men who want stronger and longer erections and to bond with their woman. If you’re looking for other ways to last longer in bed and overcome premature ejaculation, be sure to check out the Masterclass, “Come When You Want”. In 90 days or less, you’ll achieve ejaculatory control so you can rock your woman all night long (or, in our case, all morning.)

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