The 7 BEST sex positions to last longer in bed

When you always climax too soon, it can get embarrassing, demoralizing, and frustrating. 

For her, it can get boring. (Trust me, your girl wants you to last long enough for her to enjoy foreplay and reach her own finish line.) 

Here’s the truth: certain sex positions make it worse. The position you chose last night or last week… might not have given you a fighting chance. 

Don’t keep making that mistake!

There are 7 DELICIOUS sex positions that can help you last longer during intercourse (and one of them is my personal favorite these days.)

If you’re new here, welcome! I’ve helped literally millions of men last longer in bed and overcome erectile dysfunction, and I’ve developed my own system, called R3, to help men increase stamina, gain control over their ejaculation, and gain confidence in bed. Learn about it HERE.

Why trust what a woman says about Premature Ejaculation? 

Other than the fact that I’m a clinical sexologist, certified sex coach, and former professional sexual health researcher… why SHOULD you listen to a woman tell men how to control their ejaculation?

I’ve actually had sex with men! Presumably, the average straight man who is dealing with premature ejaculation has never had sex with men, and therefore, doesn’t know which positions will work for and against him. Whereas I have been a sexually active human since I was a teenager and I’ve actually gotten to see first-hand what helps a man control his ejaculation, last longer, and what causes him to lose his stamina and bust instantly.

I’m going to PROVE it to you with these seven steamy positions that will help you last longer in bed, starting tonight.

How do sex positions help with premature ejaculation? 

Knowing the right positions will give you an instant stamina boost, make you feel more confident in bed, and improve your sex sessions. All these combined will make you more dominant in bed, which will give her a better sexual experience.

AND the majority of these positions are a part of a great sex life and are an effective way to stave off sexual dysfunction.

The 3 criteria that determines whether a sex position helps with premature ejaculation 

There are three important criteria that determines whether it’ll help a man last longer in bed.

They are:

  1. Depth of thrust
  2. The complexity of holding the positions
  3. Your ability to relax and breathe in that position.

With these criteria in mind, let’s dive into the seven best sex positions that help with premature ejaculation, and how to make each one of them sizzle.

#1: Modified cowgirl.

couple having sex in bed

She’s on top but leaning WAY back or way forward. The reason for this is that depth of thrust. When she’s sitting upright, you achieve deep penetration. But when she leans back or forward, she creates a shallow angle of penetration.

Thus, you have less stimulation and sensation on your dick AND she’s able to ride back and forth instead of bounce up and down. 

Communicate this to her by moving her hips back and forth or by letting her know that you just want her to grind back and forth on you.

This position allows you to relax. When you’re lying down and she’s on top, you don’t have to engage any of the muscles in your pelvis, glutes, and quads, and therefore you can relax and focus on reducing tension, which will give you more control over your orgasm.

#2: Spooning

couple spooning in bed

Good old fashioned intimate, sweet spooning! In this position, you’ll lie down in bed behind her, cuddle up to her, and insert your shaft from behind.

Now, I love this position for so many reasons.

Firsly, you have to thrust shallowly in this position. If you start ramming back and forth quickly, you’ll fall out and it won’t work. So in and of itself, this position causes short, shallow thrusts.

This position also stimulates her g-spot based on the angle that you’re entering her from. AND your arm AND her arm are free to provide clitoral stimulation if that’s what she’s into, so you can give her an orgasm that way.

You can also be close to her ear, whispering sexy things while you’re penetrating her.

#3: Seated Sex

couple having seated sex

You’re sitting down on a bed, a coach, or chair, and she straddles you and enters you. Just like in our modified cowgirl, she’s not bouncing up and down on your erection, but instead grinding back and forth.

If you’re seated, this is the best way to put some pressure on her clitoris, which gives her tons of arousal, and you also have intense eye contact.

You can make out, breathe together, and do things that women love and makes you feel connected.

This will also help you slow down because you’re not busy thrusting in and out. It allows you to relax your muscles, although less so than when you’re lying flat on your back.

I should note, this position only works if you’re not super turned on by the fact that her titties are in your face. If you can stave off the point of no return, this position will help you last. If titties in your face is just too much for you, let’s move on. Maybe position 4 will be a better fit.

#4: Standing Sex

couple having standing sex

This includes ALL standing sex.

This includes her facing away from you as you enter her from behind, and the two of you facing each other.

The reason why standing sex is so good for premature ejaculation is that it requires you to stand up, focus on something other than just how good she feels.

This is the same principle as when some men try to last longer by thinking about math or the stock market while they’re balls deep… the principle of distracting your mind. But in THIS position, you’re focused inwardly on your body instead of what’s going on with your grandmother.

This is a powerful tool you can use to get the right amount of distracted. You’re focusing on holding your body – and her body – up.

I highly recommend you use a wall or a door frame to help stabilize you. Don’t hurt yourself.

#5: The side by side

couple laying down and kissing

Lay down in bed, but this time, face each other. She puts one leg over your hips, and you enter her.

Again, this is going to require you to move slowly and shallowly. If you move too fast, you’re going to fall out and it’s not going to work. With this position, you both get to relax. You’re laying down, breathing, relaxing your muscles, making out, feeling close and connected.

This is a Saturday morning favorite for me, because you can just roll over and be intimate. It doesn’t take a whole bunch of work, is great for a quickie and it still feels awesome.

#6: The plus sign

This is another lazy Sunday sex style. Lay on your side as she gets perpendicular to you, throws both legs over your hips, and you enter her from behind.

This is such a beautiful position. It feels SO good. You can get really deep, she can move her legs back and forth to squeeze you in, release you, and pull you in again.

Since you’re on your side, you can either prop yourself up or totally relax.

In this position, she can use her hand or vibrator to touch her clit and get herself off. Yum.

#7: Lowered doggie style

lowered doggie style

A lot of guys, including most of my clients, tell me that doggie style is the hardest position for them to last and not bust.

You’re deep, it’s sexy, it’s a little taboo, it looks amazing.  I mean, I get it.

This version of doggie style though? You get all the delicious benefits, BUT you won’t be able to go as deep. You’ll also be able to stimulate her clit.

First, get into normal doggie style and then she slowly lowers herself down (and you follow her) until her belly is down on the bed.

You’re essentially lying down on top of her and entering her from behind.

You’re going to make short, shallow strokes, and land right on her g-spot. She can slide a hand beneath her and pleasure her clit at the same time, improving the chances of her having an orgasm while you’re inside of her.

This is definitely my favorite position on this list right now.

It’s a tough call, because these have ALL been my favorite position at some point or another, but I particularly love having my g-spot stimulated. I love how this position feels AND I’ve found this works well for guys who have trouble reaching orgasm.

Sex Positions Help, But They Alone Can’t Cure Premature Ejaculation. 

Sex positions alone are not going to build stamina. Yes, you can use some of these positions tonight to build stamina, but they’re not going to cure premature ejaculation, and they’re not going to give you control over premature ejaculation.

If you struggle with lasting longer in bed and you would like more stamina, check out my masterclass Come When You Want. In it, I walk you through step by step, my R3 method which allows you to instantly gain control over your ejaculation. As you go through the course, you can beat premature ejaculation and gain all the stamina you want. 

If you’re not someone who struggles with premature ejaculation, check out the course anyway! It’ll help you become a better lover so you can last a long time in ANY position you want. When it comes to sex, the more tools you have, the better. Wink wink.

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