Scary Signs You Have Low Testosterone (& 4 tricks to boost your T levels)

I have a good friend whose life fell apart in his forties. On the outside, his life looked perfect. He had a booming business, a wife and a family, and then all of a sudden, his life unraveled before his very eyes. 

He was overcome with fatigue that prevented him from performing at work. His wife ended up divorcing him and taking the children. He tried to pick up the pieces and put his life back together.

On a whim, he decided to get his testosterone checked.

Imagine how shocked he was when he learned he had the testosterone levels of an 11-year-old GIRL. (!!!!!)  

Suddenly, everything made sense – the fatigue and failure at work, the problems he was having in his relationship, and a BUNCH of other signs and symptoms that he had never thought to put together with low testosterone.

His story is not uncommon. The majority of men who find out they have low testosterone are SHOCKED to find out. But they’re also relieved to finally have a source to all the issues.

Low testosterone causes so many of the negative things that men needlessly suffer from, and I’m going to tell you exactly what those are, how to get your testosterone checked, and finally, four simple things you can do to start naturally boosting your testosterone today. 

What are the signs and symptoms of low testosterone? 

exhausted man on couch

Tiredness and fatigue

Testosterone is responsible for a lot of the “UMPH” and punchiness that makes a man get up and go! It’s what makes men goal oriented and direct. If you find yourself suddenly sluggish with less “get up and go”, it could mean you have low testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction

Low testosterone plays a role in your erection strength and how easily and readily you get erections. If you find yourself going limp or not able to get hard at all, and you’re an otherwise healthy, able-bodied man, low testosterone levels might be to blame.

Low sex drive and low libido.

So many men come to me and ask me, “What happened?” It’s like they don’t even know themselves anymore! The desire and CRAVING for sex that made up such an important part of their life and relationship is suddenly gone or dwindling.

A lot of women contact me asking “Does he not love me anymore? Is he not attracted to me? Does he not find me sexy? Desirable?” 

This alone is the cause of many unnecessary breakups every single year. Many men and women don’t understand that libido is complicated, and a man’s hormones play an important role in how randy he is on the regular.


couple in bedroom having sexual problems

Low sperm count can make it hard for you and your partner to get pregnant if that’s something you both want. Have you been trying for years with no results? Check your T-levels, man.

Anxiety, depression, and brain fog

Testosterone is a decision-making hormone. If you find yourself staring at a sea of papers wondering what the hell you’re going to do – feeling confused and frustrated — this could signal a change in your testosterone.

Here are more signs and symptoms that may point to a hormone imbalance in men:

  • Enlarged breast tissue
  • Headaches 
  • Bloating 
  • Blurred vision 
  • Loss of bone density 
  • Hypopituitarism (A reduction in your overall hormone production)

NONE of these things are things you want to mess with.

Keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. There are other signs and symptoms of male hormonal imbalance, so if things feel whacky in your life and you feel like there’s no easy explanation, remember that not all doctors are going to test you for this. You might have to take hormone testing into your own hands.

Not Just Testosterone: Men Suffer from Hormone Imbalances 

Testosterone is just a part of the hormone puzzle. It’s definitely what makes a man into a MAN, but it is NOT the only important hormone in the male body. It’s not the only hormone that affects things like mental health, libido, and sperm count. 

All these signs and symptoms I listed above? Not only are they signs of low testosterone, but they could signal an entire hormone imbalance. Even though we never talk about the other male sex hormones and we always act like testosterone is the most important male hormone, it is NOT the complete picture.

So how do you find out the levels of your testosterone AND your full hormone picture?

Let’s Get Checked! 

Caitlin holding up test kit

That’s why I’ve partnered with an AMAZING company, Lets Get Checked, to bring you this blog article.

Let’s Get Checked delivers discrete, lab-accredited testing kits directly to your door. You collect a sample, send it off to them, and two days later, in your confidential online portal, voila! You have your test results!

It’s literally that easy – you don’t have to go to a doctor’s office and you NEVER have to take time off work.

I recommend the Male Hormone Plus or Male Hormone Advanced tests. As I mentioned, testosterone is not the only indicator of your hormone health. It’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Go to https://TRYLGC.COM/CAITLIN to grab your hormone testing kit for 20% off with discount code Caitlin20. 

This is where you can go to pick up your very own male hormone testing kit (or any other testing kit you want to pick up)

And get this! The lovely people over at Let’s Get Checked are offering my readers 20% OFF of their order. The generosity is MOVING!

What is the testing process like? 

What I love the most about Let’s Get Checked: you’re in complete control of the testing process. 

Once you order your test kit, it’s PROBABLY going to get to you the very next day because these people do not mess around!

When you open the box, the first thing you’ll see is easy-to-read instructions. Next, you’ll collect your own blood right after you wake up the next morning, put the vial back in the box with its pre-made shipping label, and ship it off!

I recommend doing this on a weekday so your test isn’t sitting at the post office on a Sunday. Other than that, it’s that easy! Wake up in the morning, put your blood in the tube, and 2-5 days later, you’ll have accurate testing results in your confidential web portal.

Here’s the best part: they provide licensed healthcare professionals to help you understand your test results. These people are available 24/7 to help you determine the best course of treatment for you if necessary.

I recently went to get my hormones checked. This is what happened. 

Let me give you an example of an alternative testing process. I drove all the way up to my doctor’s office to check in, and I THEN had to drive all the way to downtown Chicago to get my bloodwork drawn. I had to go through a long, drawn out process of talking to a stranger behind a desk about my health. And then, I had to wait ten days before any of my results were available.

So ten days later, I was looking at these results without any further assistance or help. Reading about my lipid panels followed by numbers, with no understanding of what the heck I was looking at. The only thing I really learned was that I’m vitamin D deficient. (watch out people of North America! Start taking those vitamin D gummies!)

How Can You Naturally Boost Testosterone Levels? 

Let’s say you got your test results in and you’re in the normal range but you STILL want to feel a little better with more PUNCH in your daily life. What can you do to start boosting your testosterone levels right away?

Get enough sleep!

Sleep more! Male bodies produce testosterone during sleep. That’s partly why you wake up with an erection! If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body doesn’t have enough time to produce the testosterone and balance out the hormones that you need.

Stress less!

happy couple dancing at home

Hormones associated with stress decrease the amount of available testosterone in your body. The harder you stress, the less hard your dick is going to be.

Stress has a negative effect on your hormone balance, including your testosterone levels. If you’re sitting there thinking “Stress relief is not an option for my life! My life is CRAZY!” I’m calling you out on that nonsense right NOW! There are plenty of things you can do – some as simple as breathing and taking more frequent breaks to calm down. 

This is your health, man. This is your testosterone. Is it worth it? Is whatever you’re stressing about worth your health

Work out!

active athletic dude with bike

Physical activity – especially heavy lifting – is excellent for testosterone production. It helps decrease stress and improve mood, too, so there are SO many reasons to break a sweat. There is NO downside to adding more physical activity into your life.

Drink less alcohol.

When you drink alcohol, you spike your body’s insulin production. Insulin has a negative effect on testosterone. The more you drink, the less testosterone your body has available. Cut back on the booze! Start drinking less, or cut out drinking entirely for a month and see if it has a net positive effect on some of the things we’ve discussed in this article.

Are Your T-Levels Fine, But You’re Still Having Relationship Issues? 

Bodies are complicated, and there are so many factors that contribute to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. There are SO many factors that contribute to libido issues and low sex drive. If that’s the case, be sure to drop me a line. Book a free discovery session with me today by clicking here! Whatever it is, we can figure it out together.

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