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World’s 1st water-based penis pump.

Bathmate gives you the size and performance you’ve always wanted.

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The Phoenix

Patented tech that promotes blood flow.

Discover a new era of holistic men’s sexual well-being with The Phoenix.

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Caitlin V

Total Man

Equipment for proven, permanent enhancement.

Enjoy increased confidence and enhanced pleasure.

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Simple device that stops ED caused by venous leak.

3x more effective than regular rings – less tight and more comfortable.

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Dr. Kaplan Penis Pump

The Ultimate Growth Package For Maximum Gains In Minimum Time.

“Longer. Thicker. Harder.”

Increase penis size, reverse penile atrophy, and improve erection rigidity.


Penis Pump Only

Dr. Joel Kaplan developed a 2-Phase Enlargement Program that exercises the penis in 2 different ways. This will lead to bigger, harder, and longer lasting erections.

Imagine Her Delight When She Takes Off Your Pants…

Red Light Accessory Only

“STIMULATE: Red Light Therapy Wrap”

Harness the Power of Over 170 Red & Near-Infrared LEDs to Boost Blood-Flow and Achieve a New Level of Sexual Performance.

 #1 Doctor Recommended brand for Male Performance

Extender Only

DEEP: The Ultimate Penis Extender

The safest and most effective way to get the deepest stretch possible.


Elongate Penile Stretching Ability
Includes Extension Exercise Guide
Includes Fitness App

Sex Ed & Health

Erotic Blueprint Quiz

Uncover your sexual super-powers and shadow side.

Learn what turns you on and how to ask for it – and get it!

100% Free!

Male Hormone Testing

Ignite your journey to peak performance and passion.

Increase strength, sex drive, and fertility with home hormone testing.

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Supplements to overcome male sex problems.

Solutions boost low libido and low testosterone.

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Sex Toys


A slim, powerful vibrator disguised as a necklace.

Experience a symphony of sophistication and sensuality.


A trailblazer in the world of luxury sex toys.

Feel a surge of self-discovery as you embrace pure pleasure.

The Liberator

Sex furniture that unlocks new ways to play.

Tantra chaises, sex benches, bondage furniture, and more.

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The Male Rose

This male masturbator is the #1 sex toy for men.

Out-of-this-world buildup and climaxes at the push of a button.

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A slim, powerful vibrator disguised as a necklace.

Developed in partnership with clinicians, therapists, and (most importantly) women like you.

Supported as a safe and natural way to address dryness, atrophy, low libido, and so much more.

Lube, Oils, Barriers & Skin Care


Healthy accessories for a healthy sex life.

Vegan, all natural, high quality sex made for everyone.

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Melt into pleasure with CBD-infused arousal oils.

Increase blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure.

Hello Cake

Powerful ED meds that melt in your mouth!

Works fast and keeps you rock hard (when needed) for up to 3 days.


Latex lingerie designed for pleasure and protection.

FDA-cleared, wearable protection for safer oral sex and rimming.

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Premium lube transfers sensation — not friction.

Pure silicone plus vitamin E leaves a soft, moisturized feel.


The trusted destination for clean intimate care.

Plant-based essentials ensure toxins never touch your sensitive areas.

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ONE® Condoms

Next Generation Condoms

The brand behind your favorite innovations. Ultra soft, luxurious, all natural rubber latex to maximize your pleasure, offering more condom sizes and variety than any other brand

Personal Fav

Less stress, more sex.