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First I am going to share a story with you that is kind of embarrassing…

But it holds the key unlocking the Ultimate Orgasmic experience.

“Hey… have you ever squirted?”

… he said to me one night at the carnival.
I have to say I was shocked… but it also made me laugh. Hard. Yet…
When he reached over and began to touch me… my world changed forever.
Ok so let me set the stage…
Josh and I had just started dating.
And one night we went to the local carnival.
Now, I love carnivals.
But for whatever the reason, the night we went, the place was deserted.
So with the place pretty much to ourselves, we decided to really have some fun, if you know what I mean.
So we started screwing around.
We did it on all sorts of rides.
Like, have you ever had sex on a carousel?
The Tilt-a-Whirl?
How about a Ferris Wheel?
Man, now I can cross those off my bucket list.
So we head into the Haunted House and I’m thinking, “this will be fun!”
And then Josh pulls me in close and whispers those 5 magic words in my ear…
“Hey, have you ever squirted?”
Like I said, we had just started dating.
And I was kinda shocked at the thought.
And then I giggled.
But then I thought about it some more and I was like:
“Nah, that’s BS, you can’t make me do that.”
So Josh and I duck into one of the rooms and he gets me on a big, heavy wooden table inside the Haunted House.
I think it was from the Bride of Frankenstein scene.
And Josh starts working me with some of his finger magic.
And well, what do you know, a few minutes later, I start gushing like a fire hose.
It was crazy and I was really shocked.
It was an amazing, unforgettable experience.
I almost collapsed on the table right then and there.
And I recover a bit and say to him,

“I can’t believe you gave me that intense of an orgasm…Can you do it again?”


Hi, My Name Is Caitlin V.

And I’m one of the most well-known sexologists, a sex coach in the world that holds nothing back when helping men unlock a woman’s pleasure!

I knew from a young age that I was going to help people have amazing sex and relationships.

As a teenager, I would sit in the “adult” section of bookstores and libraries reading whatever I could get my hands on, from science to smut and everything in between.

All my peers called me to ask for relationship advice or to talk about sex.

Today I live my dream, helping men and women all over the world have better sex.

I help people build confidence, gain skills, discover themselves, create intimacy, increase self-esteem and live better lives… in and outside of the bedroom.

What I shared with you above is a mind-blowing, bed-shaking orgasm that every woman deeply wants to experience.
This is squirting.
See, a squirting orgasm is one of the most ecstatic, unforgettable, intensely pleasurable experiences she’ll ever have.

And When Women Discover YOU’RE THE MAN Who Can Make It Happen On Demand, Then I’m Here To Tell You You’re Never Gonna Have To Worry About Getting Laid Again.

Yet, most guys think it takes porn star levels of training, practice and application to even make one girl squirt (and it kinda looks like hard work even then).

In other words, it’s just too difficult to make happen.

Well, guess what?

I’m gonna show you one simple trick to make a girl SQUIRT her way to the greatest orgasm of her life

Because when she finally has one?

When she experiences a PUNANI TSUNAMI?

She’s going to WORSHIP at your feet like you’re Adonis or maybe Poseidon…

The best part?

    It won’t matter if you lack confidence in the bedroom…
    It doesn’t matter if you think your girl is not even THAT adventurous right now…
    It doesn’t even matter how big your cock is, how long you last or how good your game is…
    You don’t have to know a bunch of fancy techniques, you don’t have to be an otherwise  amazing lover… you don’t have to speak French and chew on roses.

    In fact, you don’t have to do much at all if you can make her squirt.

    Because if you can make her squirt, you’ll be legendary in the bedroom, and she’ll be begging you for more.

    You too can make her squirt like the Bellagio fountain once you learn how.

    Now, if you’ve seen those pornstar girls GUSH on camera, you may wonder exactly how the hell those pornstar dudes make that happen.

    Are they just rubbin’ vigorously… are they getting their girl super-aroused before the cameras roll… or do they reach all the way in and hit some secret ‘squirt spot’?

    Let me share some stunning scientific research with you.

    First, take a look at this brain scan:

    That Is What A Woman’s Brain Looks Like During An Intense Orgasm

    See how it lights up like a Christmas tree?

    Her pleasure zones are turned all the way ON.

    And her brain is FLOODED with a cocktail of happy hormones like dopamine, vasopressin and oxytocin (known as the “cuddle hormone”), boosting her sensations of pleasure, trust, and deep, lasting connection with her partner.

    Now, imagine how that would look when you give her:

    The Greatest Orgasm EVER.

    Now, just about ALL orgasms are amazing, and I would never suggest that there’s a hierarchy, but for ME and my personal experience, the squirting orgasm is the TOP.

    Listen to what Julie had to say about how a squirting orgasm FEELS.

    “When I orgasm through my clit, it’s nice but… something is lacking. It leaves me wanting more. Now, a full-on vaginal orgasm? That’s the ticket. That feels good. But a squirting orgasm? Oh. My. God. I never thought I could feel that good. My body shakes, my toes curl up and I just want it to never end.


    There are 3 Hidden Side-Benefits To Making Her SQUIRT…

    #1) It Basically Bulletproofs Your Relationship!

    You know it and I know it:

    Every move you make in bed? You worry that she’s mentally judging you, comparing you to her past lovers.

    So if you don’t want the anxiety of wondering where you come on her own private list of performers…

    … give her a squirting orgasm and suddenly, there’s no comparison!

    Suddenly, you are “The One.”

    That’s good, but it doesn’t stop there.

    As the brain scan proof reveals, girls NEED orgasms to keep those love chemicals flowing.

    Without that? You may as well just be a friend. Or at best an occasional booty call.

    Ouch. And you know what that means, right?

    It means you’re just a tool. In some cases, maybe little more than a human vibrator.

    In other words, replaceable.

    But once you activate her squirting capability? She won’t even think of looking elsewhere.

    You’re just too good to risk losing.


    #2) It Unleashes The Hidden Sexual Animal Inside Her

    Once you get her to squirt on command, you unleash the sexual animal that society has chained up since her childhood.

    The one she’s been waiting and wanting to release,

    But she just hasn’t found that guy yet.

    Before you come into her life?

    She’s conflicted. She’s reluctant. She’s worried about what people will think. Now…


    #3) YOU make the magic happen!

    She may not be sure what just happened… but she’s sure as hell gonna want it to happen again.

    And you’re the only guy she knows who can do it.

    My friend, you are about to become the master of the squirting orgasm.

    Now here’s the thing that most guys don’t get.

    And it’s the tip I want to give you.

    The vast majority of guys think squirting is all about hitting the right spot.

    As if there was a magic button to press inside the woman.

    They think that if they just touch the woman in the right spot… in the right way… and do it precisely X number of times… her Ol’ Faithful geyser is sure to blow.

    And there’s no question, part of that IS true.

    However speaking as a bisexual woman, I can tell you there’s another, more perhaps more vital aspect, in order for your woman to unleash her love juices.

    And that’s her mind.

    A guy has got to make her feel comfortable enough to let go… to let loose the literal flood of emotional fluids.

    While almost any woman can squirt easily, it’s not about “hitting the gas pedal”… so much as it is helping her “taking her foot off the brake pedal.”

    Make sense?

    So how does a guy do that?

    This is the thing the majority of guys not only don’t know what to do…

    … but don’t even understand how important it is in the first place.

    For men, it requires a paradigm shift, for sure.

    You see, lack of knowing the little-known, little-understood details like these can crush your chances of helping a woman experience the joys of squirting.

    But that’s the opportunity, too.

    Because so many men don’t understand it, don’t have a clue about it… you’ll become the guy with the major advantage.

    To me, squirting is such an awe-inspiring sexual experience… and with so little real instruction out there on it… as a sex educator, as well as a bisexual woman experiencing it from both the giving and receiving perspectives… it inspired me to create the ultimate course.

    When I say ultimate, I definitely know there is no course developed by a qualified sex educator like me, more thorough in its instruction specifically on the subject of squirting.

    And I’m pretty sure there’s no other course out there developed by a bisexual woman, one that covers BOTH the giving AND the receiving ends.

    So let me tell you about my newest and perhaps most orgasmic course… it’s called:

    The Female Ejaculation Blueprint

    “Make Her Squirt”

    Do you want her moaning, screaming, and shaking in ecstasy?

    All while spurting streams of juice across the bedroom like a backyard garden hose?

    Heck, yeah!

    Then the best way to do that is to make her SQUIRT.

    When YOU KNOW how to make a girl orgasm in ways she didn’t even know were possible for her…

    … It’s going to lead to some more than memorable nights, believe me.

    I can’t wait to share my methods with you.

    Here’s what you’ll discover inside The ‘Make Her Squirt’ Program:

    It’s a complete method, there are over a dozen videos, everything from the anatomy… to setting up the environment… to the mechanics… to aftercare.

    How to find out if she is a Natural Squirter and why you want to know

    The “secret” words and phrases that women can’t help but get turned on by

    How to keep the bedroom comfortable so she is relaxed and ready to gush

    Choosing the Best Lubrication and how you should use it

    3 Top Exercises you should do to gain strength for long gushing sessions

    The Best Spots to touch on her body during foreplay and make her naturally wet

    The “elevator” approach to sexual arousal

    The TOP Orgasmic Zones that will drive her wild

    How to make her beg for you to give her squirting orgasms with these 3 simple little techniques

    How to take control and heighten her experience until she is clawing at your pants

    How to hit her g-spot with the “steady” finger technique

    My famous Make Her Squirt Method

    How the importance of speed and direction will make her eyes roll back into her head
    How to get the right timing to make her explode juices everywhere

    What exactly should be said to make her climax quicker

    How to give her INSANE full body squirting orgasms

    Learn the Advanced Orgasm Stacking Technique to make her squeal with excitement

    Why the Secret Tongue Technique has women ejaculating faster and more often
    (warning: This technique is for men that love gushing close up)

    How to stimulate both the g spot and clitoris at the same time for maximum pleasure!

    5 Sex Positions that go deep to hit her g-spot

    How to create an uncontrollable urge to squirt while rubbing her clit

    An advanced technique using her ass to make her squirt

    How to give her orgasms so she falls in love with you

    How to increase her “Love” chemicals in her brain when she has an orgasm
    The best words to say after her orgasm that she will absolutely love!

    The Top Methods Lesbians use to make their girlfriend gush in minutes!

    Warning: The Mind Bending Technique will have her orgasming until she passes out from pleasure!
    Why the Full-body Female Orgasm is crucial to making her body tremble with excitement
    The best sex positions to make your woman squirt unexpectedly!

    The mindful heart orgasm – the secret method for giving her deep and heart-expanding orgasms that will have her crying tears of joy

    The secret tantric massage that increases the chances of her squirting in minutes!

    How to stimulate the 3 erogenous zones to make her wet and moaning with pleasure

    Simple sex toy tricks that will create bed shaking orgasms and explosive squirting juices

    The best moments to tell when she is ready to squirt
    3 Biggest Mistakes 99% of men make that stop her squirting orgasms

    The best mood-setting words to get her aroused even if she is not in the mood!

    My unique method that turns women you’re casually dating to women who want you for the long haul
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    There’s so much to share with you.

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    Squirting is an essential sexual skill and here’s how you can get it.

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