Is There A Pill You Can Take For Premature Ejaculation?

Is there a supplement or magic pill you can take to help with premature ejaculation?

What if I told you there are things you can take beyond supplements and simple things you can do that will help with the body tension that causes or exacerbates premature ejaculation?

Keep reading and you’ll find out what those are so you can go from an uncontrollably quick orgasmer to a long-lasting lothario that rocks her world all night long. Or day, if you like day sex. Or sunset sex? Who doesn’t love a little sunset sex to Kenny G? 

Today, we are talking about the relationship between supplements and premature ejaculation. I’ll review what causes premature ejaculation and then share what supplements might help, which don’t and some things you can do beyond supplements to get your cum under cumtrol. Oh, and did I mention I also have a Come When You Want course, which dives deeper into some of the stuff I cover here and also has exclusive information to help you last as long as you want.

Do Premature Ejaculation Pills Work?

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Supplements for ejaculation control. Do they exist? The answer is… not exactly. There’s no Viagra or Cialis equivalent of a premature ejaculation pill. And, for the record, Viagra and Cialis do not help with premature ejaculation.

First and foremost, we have to understand that premature ejaculation is NOT caused by a deficiency of vitamins or minerals or a lack of anything else in your body. So you can eat Flintstones Vitamins by the handful or get all hopped up in Niacin and it’s not going to give you any more control over your orgasms, ok? In other words, Vitamin D is not going to give you more control over your D. B-12 is not going to make you B able to go for 12 hours.

This is because premature ejaculation is largely caused by an excess of mind and body tension. The tenser you are, the more anxious you are while having sex, and the more stressed out you are in general, the more likely you’re going to continue to have premature ejaculations. 

So! What can you take to bring your body tension down and put your mind and ease so you can be less like Usain Bolt in the bedroom and more like mustached 1970s marathon runner and professional-level hottie Steve Prefontaine? 

Pills that can help with Premature Ejaculation

Well, one thing that can potentially decrease anxiety is L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid found naturally in green and black teas and is also available in supplement form. It’s been found to reduce anxiety and calm the brain, which can help you be more relaxed when you are having sex and thus hold off your orgasm for a longer stretch of time. It’s also great for helping you get to sleep, so just make sure you’re not chugging too much sleepy time tea before getting naked with your partner or you may not cum at all!

Another natural supplement you can take with anti-anxiety effects is St. John’s Wort. It’s often used for depression as well and can be bought in tablet form. It also sounds like a bad 80s brat pack movie, so that’s a bonus. Some other medications don’t mix well with it, like antidepressants, pain killers, and birth control. So make sure it’s safe for you before you jump in.

Finally, you can take Magnesium to help with your premature ejaculations, though anxiety-reduction is not considered its primary function. People typically take magnesium for help with nerve function, blood pressure and boosting the immune system, but it’s been proven to also have an anti-anxiety effect which again will help lower that overall mind and body tension that’s making you burst super fast.

Now, let’s talk about SSRIs. In theory, anti-anxiety medication like Lexapro or Zoloft will, obviously, lower your anxiety and if you and your doctor can find a brand and dosage that works for you, that’s fabulous. They also can be prescribed at a sub-perceptible dosage specifically for Premature Ejaculation. Just know that a side-effect of a lot of anti-anxiety and depression meds is a significantly lower libido and difficulty reaching orgasm. 

In other words, SSRIs may not just delay your orgasm, they may make it extremely difficult to cum, which is just replacing one sexual dysfunction for another sexual dysfunction. Again, if you can find the right dosages that don’t interfere with your sex drive, that’s great, but just be warned you may be trading out one problem for another.   

One final thing to consider with all of these tactics, and ones we haven’t discussed like numbing creams or special condoms, is cost, specifically cost over time. How much money are you willing to spend on something that may only have a moderate to minor impact on your premature ejaculation issues? Also, while the supplements I’ve discussed can and do have positive effects, they’re mostly treating the symptom, not the cause. Again, the cause is an excess of anxiety and/or body tension, specifically tension in your pelvic floor. And for most of the hundreds of men I have coached, only 10–20% of their premature ejaculation is caused by physical tensions, 80–90% of the actual cause is mental

Final Answer

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If you’re interested in tackling the CAUSE of this tension, my Come When You Want Course is a one-time payment, doesn’t require pills or supplements or any expensive treatment. Instead, we look at the root causes of your ejaculation issues and I give you easy ways to reduce that mind and body tension, become more in tune with how and why your body orgasms and thus be more in control of when you orgasm. And ameliorating those root issues is truly the key to giving yourself the stage time you need to be a superstar in the bedroom.

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