How to make a girl squirt (6 steps to female ejaculation)

If you want to give your woman the most intense, pleasurable, earth-shattering orgasm she’s ever had, keep reading.

Because while watching a woman squirt might look cool in porn videos… and while it’s a great way for men to SEE that she’s having an intense orgasm… the best reason to make a girl squirt is to give her sexual experiences she won’t be able to stop thinking about tomorrow.

She’ll be on cloud-9 all day.

She’ll tell all her friends you’re the best lover she’s ever had.

She won’t be able to stay away from you.

Because knowing how to make a woman squirt is also knowing how to lead her into the fold of earth-shattering sexual arousal and sustained pleasure.

Leaving a Lasting Impression as a Lover with Premature Ejaculation

Sexy couple enjoying foreplay in bed

Sometimes it’s hard to know how you stack up compared to her other lovers… It’s hard to know if you’re leaving a lasting impression, especially when so many lovers act like they can “take it or leave it”. This is all compounded if you have premature ejaculation.

Imagine the confidence you’ll feel when you’re able to give your woman long, intense orgasms. Imagine the spring in your step when, the next day, she won’t stop texting you because she can’t stop thinking about the night before.

Once you learn this skill and make your woman squirt, a lot of women are going to hit you up.

If you’re married, you’re going to have way more sex because your wife will want THAT magic over and over again.

Imagine making her say “Oh my god, I have never experienced such intense, amazing sex in my entire life.”

You don’t need to last a long time in order to blow her mind. You don’t need to last a long time in order to make her spray fluid across the room.

All you need is to know the 6 actionable steps I’m about to show you, so read on.

Making A Woman Squirt Isn’t Always Easy.

Giving her a squirting orgasm isn’t always easy. In fact, she might be convinced that she “can’t”.

What many couples don’t realize is that the vast majority of healthy women CAN achieve a massive fluid emission at time of orgasm. In other words, every woman is born with the equipment she needs to achieve female ejaculate.

There’s a first time for everything.

So why do most women report that they’ve never experienced this highly pleasurable supernova of an orgasm? There are a few very specific steps it takes to reach a squirting orgasm.

This article provides ACTIONABLE, easy-to-follow steps that will show you the sexual stimulation she needs in order to achieve this glorious expulsion of fluid.

But I’m not stopping there.

I’m not ONLY going to show you exactly how to make a woman squirt, but I’m going to give you the exact formula for how to be the best lover she’s ever had … Because what goes into achieving this extremely intense female orgasm has a lot to do with how to be amazing at sex in general. It means having a solid understanding of what women NEED in bed in order to be able to fully let go, relax, and experience deep pleasure.

The One Thing Women Need (And no, it’s not a big dick)

Sexy woman smiling in bed

If you want to make your girl squirt, you need to know the number one thing she needs. And that is to feel 100% safe, relaxed, and immersed in the sensations of her body (instead of being stuck in her head.) This article will show you how to help her get to that point.

Because her ability to enjoy sexual activity with you is not just physical. It’s mental as well. And because of this mental aspect of arousal, a lot of people don’t realize that the woman’s input is essential. If she doesn’t 100% love what’s happening, she’s not going to squirt. Straight up.

Even if you don’t get it right away, it’s SO MUCH FUN to keep trying. Which leads us to our first essential key to making your favorite female ejaculate: knowing how to get feedback from her while also keeping things sexy.

How to Get Feedback From Her While Keeping Things Sexy

We’ve already established that a main tenant of female sexuality is the need to first feel 100% relaxed. This way, she can fully connect to the deep pleasure that you’re looking to provide.

First, you need to set up an environment where she will feel completely relaxed (more on this in a bit…)

But then you have to ensure that she STAYS relaxed. Here’s the thing: many women feel gun-shy when it comes to asking a man to change a technique, or to not do something in bed. Many women want to protect their man’s feelings, and would rather be uncomfortable during sex than hurt her man’s feelings.

Which means that you need to make it as comfortable for her as possible to provide feedback. She needs to know that she’s not going to hurt your feelings and that the most important thing for you is to give her genuine pleasure. So how do you achieve a strong and clear feedback loop where she gets exactly what she wants? Through passive and active feedback.

Passive Feedback: Keying in on her Moans and Body Language

A man pleasuring a woman in bed

Women have “tells” that can let you know if she’s enjoying sex or not. A woman who is enjoying sex is:

  • Breathing deeply (maybe even panting)
  • Wet and open (Meaning she has TONS of vaginal lubrication, and her clitoris and vulva area is puffy and engorged.)
  • Moaning and being loud.

On the flipside, a woman who really isn’t fully relaxed in pleasure is:

  • Stiff (even her pelvic floor muscles will be stiff)
  • Not breathing deeply (maybe not even breathing consistently at all)
  • Quiet
  • Closed and dry “down there”, with no natural lubrication.

Key into her body language, the sounds she’s making, and her breathing to know if she’s fully aroused or not (basically, to know whether she’s actually enjoying herself and experiencing pleasure.)

Oh, and of course, if she’s feeling amazing, her vulva will be puffy, wet, and soft. Her labia will engorge. She’ll feel like a human slip n’ slide. This is how you know you’re on the right track to giving her a squirting orgasm.

But what if you’re not super good at clueing into these passive hints? What if you’re more of a “give it to me straight” kind of guy? Then active feedback might work better for you.

Active Feedback in Bed: Ask Her What She Likes

If she’s trying to get in the zone and live deep in her pleasure, she might not appreciate you asking “what do you want?” Asking her what she wants is the best way to get her out of her body and into her brain. Which we don’t want, especially since we want her to relax.

In other words, we don’t want her thinking. We want her feeling. How do you get around this?

Give her an A/B test. Ask her “Which feels better, when I do this…. or when I do this?” This makes it easy for her to direct you on what feels good for her — without having to think about it. She will appreciate the fact that you’re actively caring about her pleasure, while not making assumptions on what she likes.

The Most Common Questions I Get About Making A Woman Squirt

Sexy woman in bikini playing with water

As a sex educator, there’s no question I haven’t heard before. Is female ejaculate actually urine? Is it healthy to make a woman squirt?

The first time you saw a woman squirt in porn, you probably jumped to the conclusion that she was peeing. After all, it LOOKS like urine.

You should know that when a woman squirts, she’s not peeing. For a long time, sex researchers had no idea what the sometimes large amount of fluid was that came out of women during certain types of clitoral orgasms. But here’s the thing: the liquid doesn’t come out of her bladder, it comes from her skene’s gland, which is also lovingly called the “female prostate”.

When a woman is having rip roarin’ earth-shattering sex, her skene’s gland fills with liquid called urea.

According to Men’s Health, urea is accompanied by ejaculation fluid, uric acid, and creatinine.

Some couples worry that stimulating the female prostate is not great for her health. Will the vigorous sex required for g-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation injure her somehow? Is it okay to be so aggressive with her vagina? Of course, couples need to listen to a woman’s body and draw back when there’s any pain (that’s not desired by the woman), but couples should know that they have the green light when it comes to this certain type of sexual stimulation.

In other words, squirting is hella healthy. Go forth and spray.

Since the squirting orgasm is such an intense way to experience sexual pleasure, it can give her a VERY strong sexual release. In fact, many women end up storing a lot of tension in their bodies, and building up a lot of stress just from living their lives. Giving her an intense squirting orgasm can be a WONDERFUL mental, physical, and emotional release for her. SO effective, in fact, that you shouldn’t be surprised if she has a strong emotional reaction after orgasm. She might laugh. She might cry. She might want to just snuggle you until she falls asleep. (More on this later…)

But make no mistake — if every woman had an intense squirting orgasm at least once a week, more women would be happier and healthier. I’m convinced.


  1. Set the stage for success
  2. Spend more time on foreplay
  3. Know your G spot techniques
  4. Sex Positions that help
  5. After-orgasm care


Relaxed woman in bed

Being able to give her a squirting orgasm starts even before you climb into bed.

Here’s an essential truth to know about women: they can’t enjoy sex or reach orgasm if they can’t fully relax.

This means that most women don’t even want to look at a sex toy unless the house is clean, the dishes are dried and put away, there isn’t a dirty pile of laundry in the corner, and if there’s no kids or parents on the other side of the wall. There should be no pets in the room — no neighbors playing drums — no mess to clean up.

Make sure all 5 of her senses will be happy and put at ease. The room should smell good. The sheets should feel clean and smooth on her skin. There shouldn’t be any distracting sounds or other people in the house.

Ideally, the house will be clean — a clean slate for her to just be. This includes making sure you have a towel for clean up. Because even if there’s just a small amount of milky white fluid, you don’t want her to be worried about getting fluids all over the sheets. Have easy clean up available for her, because then she can let go and make a mess.

But setting the stage doesn’t mean JUST popping in a load of laundry. Setting the stage also has to do with manscaping. Yes sir, you must groom, and you must groom yourself well. Your fingers are about to be all up in her highly sensitive vagina. Your face is going to be between her legs and on her face and breasts. Please do your woman a solid and make sure you tend to your basic hygiene to make this experience as non-distracting as possible. If she can feel your fingernails, she’s not going to be able to enjoy herself.

Set the stage by making sure that she can focus on ONLY her pleasure, and not have to worry about anything else. Trim and file down your fingernails. You don’t want to be scratching your lady that that index and middle finger. Trim your mustache. She wants to kiss YOU, not a walrus.

And finally, setting the stage means you need to communicate with her. She’s about to experience a TON of pleasure — so intensely that she might have never experienced anything so massively explosive before. She might feel insecure about the moans, grunts, and faces she makes when she’s high on pleasure. Make her feel comfortable and accepted. Let her know that ANY response she has is acceptable. Take the pressure off and let go of expectation. Bringing her to a squirting orgasm isn’t about the orgasm itself — it’s about the super hot journey.


sexy couple enjoying foreplay

You can’t take your pants off, stick your dick in her, and then expect her to have a perfectly amazing clitoral orgasm five minutes later.

Slooooooow down, big boy.

Especially when it comes to women, amazing orgasms take time. Squirting orgasms — being the pinnacle of orgasmic perfection — takes even more time than that.

I literally cannot stress enough how important it is to give her time to relax and fully open to the possibilities of pleasure.

First step: Take your time. Begin by kissing her, giving her a sexy full body massage, slowly take off her clothes, discover sensitive areas on and around her breasts, spend some time licking her clit (and having all the oral sex), and gently breathe and kiss around her neck and ears.

Say dirty things to her like “I want to be inside you so bad right now” and “you’re so sexy, you make me hard.” Even seemingly innocent statements like “You’re the most beautiful woman” can go a long way in turning her on.

Foreplay might take as long as 45 minutes. The goal: to get her as wet and open as possible. In fact, think about how long it usually takes her to get fully aroused and orgasm. Triple that number. Spend way more time amping up the pleasure. It’ll pay off.

If you try to find her g-spot too early before she’s fully aroused, her g-spot won’t be fully erect, you won’t be able to find it, and you won’t be able to make her come.

So take time on foreplay. If you didn’t spend at least a half hour on foreplay, you PROBABLY didn’t give it enough time. When she’s wet and open, she’s ready to take you inside her. Not only is she relaxed, but if you get her to the point of BEGGING you to fuck her, she’ll be so into it that no distraction is going to snap her out of her pleasurable dream state. Basically, you want to keep bringing her to the edge of orgasm and then stepping back to bring her RIGHT TO THE BRINK of orgasm. In each of these waves, you’re slowly heightening her pleasure so she’s juicy, dripping, and open before you even go for the gold.

Patience pays off, my dudes.

Where the heck is the g-spot and how do I know if I’ve found it?

When your woman is SUPER aroused, you’ll be able to stick your finger (Often a middle finger or two fingers) inside of her and feel a rough-textured ball about two- to three-inches in. This ball feels bumpy and rough, like the outside of an orange, and is about the size of a walnut.

What most experts won’t tell you is that there are three sides to the g-spot with pleasure-giving potential. Most men just find the g-spot and stimulate it, without knowing that he has three options to give her: the right side, the left side, and directly ON the g-spot.

Every woman has a preference — so you might have to play around with her before you both discover which feels best for her.

I’m about to give you five techniques for stimulating the g-spot, but know also that some women simply like when PRESSURE is applied to their g-spot without any added stimulation. So you might want to try these techniques, but your woman might end up realizing that she merely likes pressure with no other stimulation.

Only one way to find out.


There are a few different ways to stimulate her g-spot that will feel REALLY AMAZING for her.

The “come hither” motion.

come hither motion for the g-spot

Put your finger inside of her, locate the g-spot, and gently pulse your finger back and forth in the “come hither” motion.

A gentle back and forth motion that I like to call “windshield wipers”

Instead of pushing in and out on the g-spot, brush-stroke across it with your finger side to side.

You can tap her g-spot with your finger that to her will feel like pulsing.

I call this the “tap tap”.

You can add steady pressure and a slow release, pressing your finger on her g-spot, slowly releasing, and repeating.

She’ll probably let you know which ones she likes the best and which ones aren’t working for her. But in general, you’ll probably want to cycle through these techniques in combination, because you want to get her g-spot as aroused as possible before heading into trying to trigger the actual squirting orgasm. The longer you stimulate her g-spot, the more erect and juicy her g-spot is going to get. She’s going to be open, dripping wet, and pushing her pubic bone closer to you. This is how you know it’s time for the big guns.

The Stiff Arm

Lube up your middle and ring finger, slide those fingers inside of her, and stimulate her g-spot until she’s extremely aroused.

Next, I want you to make your fingers, hands, and wrist extremely stiff. Pull HARD back and forth on her g-spot. Err on the side of a LOT of pressure. Move your arm back and forth as hard and fast as possible (let her tell you if you’re going too hard, but you probably won’t over do it. If she’s aroused enough, it’s not a sensitive area.)

This, when used consistently for long enough, will trigger a squirting orgasm. Get ready for some water works! If you employ these g-spot techniques for long enough, you’ll make her squirt.


Keep in mind, if she has a hard time releasing the skene’s gland with your finger and vibrators, she’s probably not going to be able to squirt during penetrative sex.

Achieving the water works through penetrative sex alone is a challenge for only the most seasoned, battle-hardy sex gods. But one thing is for sure: in order to make her squirt through penetrative sex, you do NOT need a big penis. The idea here is to target the g-spot with your penis instead of your fingers, so all you need is a shallow thrust and an angle that targets her g-spot. (Her g-spot is only a couple of inches inside. You might only need to use the head of your penis and just a little bit of the shaft.)

So how do you penetrate her g-spot with your penis? All you need is a shallow thrust that tilts forward (toward her belly button). So what positions can help you achieve this?

Reverse Cowgirl

reverse cowgirl sex position

Your woman can take full advantage of the depth of thrust while she’s able to pleasure her clit with a hand or sex toy.


spooning sex position

I absolutely LOVE this position, because not only does this position help you last longer in bed, but it also facilitates the perfect position to hit her g-spot AND she can play with her clit while you hit her g-spot at the same time. (Masturbation + sex = a damn good time for the ladies.)

Doggie Style

doggie style sex position

Once again, this position allows for deep thrusting and allows her the chance to use her fingers or vibrator to stimulate her clit. if you’re trying to last longer in bed and doggie style is too much for you, try lowered doggie style, where the woman lies on her tummy while the man enters her. This helps keep your thrust shallow enough to hit her g-spot.

Girl on Top

She has full control over depth and thrust. She can even grind her hips against your pelvic bone to give her pleasure on both the g-spot and clit.

When it comes to achieving female ejaculation through penetrative sex, there’s one important thing to keep in mind. If she squirts while you’re inside her, you won’t see her spray like you would see in a porno.

Instead, you’ll feel her get REALLY wet, and you’ll end up with a noticeable amount of fluid on the bed. So keep in mind — if you want to see her project ejaculate across the room like an orgasmic encore, be sure to use fingers and toys.

When she’s about to come, she might feel a fullness in her bladder, and she might be worried about ending up with an empty bladder and urine on the sheets. It’s good for her to know that she can relax — knowing this feeling is normal, and it doesn’t mean she’s going to pee.


after orgasm intimate moment

Congratulations! You’ve just caused the most earth-shattering orgasm of her life, and now she’s reeling.

I’m here to let you know that at this point in the love making process, you need to be prepared for anything.

Look — having such an intense, out-of-this-world orgasm experience can cause women to react in different ways. She might laugh. She might cry. She might want to hug you until she falls asleep. She might want your hands on her, or she might want space.

When it comes to squirting, I’ve seen different women have different reactions.

No matter what reaction she has, it’s perfectly alright. Listen to what she needs and be there for her – be stable, and emotionally be there for her. This is a great time to let her know that she is beautiful and sexy and wonderful and that you have her back.

Proven Sex Techniques by the Experts

After reading this, you finally understand what causes a squirting orgasm in real life so you can stop trying to blindly follow what you see in porn. Now, you can stop being confused when it doesn’t work.

Now, you can finally take your sex life to the next level and stand out as the best lover she’s ever had.

Achieve Orgasmic Perfection. Dive Deeper and Learn More About EXACTLY How to Make Her Squirt.

This article was a bare-bones guide to the wild and wonderful world of female ejaculate, but there are certain things this article didn’t have time to cover.

For example, we didn’t talk about the importance of presence — how to navigate single versus multi-orgasmic women — the important of pre-play, emotional prep, the deep-dive into the necessary female anatomy that makes squirting possible, and more.

So if you keep trying to make your woman squirt but still haven’t been able to achieve this paragon of orgasmic perfection, and if you REALLY want to give your woman the best orgasm of her life so she wants to have MORE sex with you, be sure to check out Make Her Squirt: The Female Ejaculation Blueprint to learn step-by-step exactly HOW to make a woman squirt.

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