How to be a Great Lover With Premature Ejaculation

Having premature ejaculation does NOT mean your sexual relationship is doomed. But you would never know this based on how people talk about premature ejaculation (PE)! These are not mutually exclusive things, and I’m here to show you that you can pleasure your woman, bring her to orgasm, and have great sex all night long… even if you’re a premature ejaculator.

Here’s the thing. You can last for hours and be a crappy sexual partner, and you can last for mere minutes and be AMAZING in the sack. How? Keep reading, friends!

What Makes a Great Lover?

A lot of factors make up a great lover.

It’s very rare that I talk to a female friend about a recent sexual experience and she says, “He just lasted SO LONG!”

Stamina is NOT the most important thing for women. Instead, we say things like, “He was was comfortable with intimacy, he did this fun new thing, he has a lovely kiss, he gave me a lot of time to warm up and get to the point where I could orgasm!”

But that doesn’t mean he was able to delay ejaculation forever and ever in vaginal penetration. Notice how all of these things can co-exist with premature ejaculation – being an amazing lover is NOT an endurance race.

The Single Most Important Thing For You to Know if You Have Premature Ejaculation

flirty couple playing around

Ejaculation does NOT mean the sexual encounter is over.

You can keep giving her sexual satisfaction! You can keep going with a sex toy, with your hands, with your mouth, and depending on how sensitive you are to sensation, you can wait 10, 15, or 20 minutes for your refractory period to be over and get an erection AGAIN and keep having sexual intercourse.

You can ejaculate once, twice, or three times in the same evening! Talk about a party!

We always act like ejaculation is the end. We even call it “finishing”. Imagine if you ejaculated and you went “Phew! Now we’re REALLY getting started.” She’d be like “Whaaat! I never – really?!”

Most men ejaculate and ASSUME that intercourse is over. Which is fair, since your body makes that soupy mixture of chemicals that says “We should rest, sex is over. It’s time to sleep.”

Your sexual arousal wanes, your interest decreases, and this is all natural and perfectly okay.

But in order to be a LEGENDARY LOVER, push past that and keep going! Keep giving her sexual pleasure through oral sex or another sexual activity. She’s going to remember everything AFTER the ejaculation and not the fact that you had some rapid ejaculation. Who CARES when you ejaculate if she’s still reaching climax!

If you want to gain unshakable confidence, foster a better relationship with your body AND partner, and end premature ejaculation for good, Come When You Want is my step-by-step guide to lasting longer in bed and achieving ejaculatory control. It delivers many of the same tools I use in one on one coaching but in a video format you can access from your phone or computer. Check it out!

Here’s How to Be an Amazing Lover With Premature Ejaculation

Sex isn’t just about vaginal penetration.

We can get more exciting, creative, and adventurous than that! Here are some ways that men with PE can rock her world and be not just a good lover — but a God of sexual performance.

Spend a long time in Foreplay.

formal couple in foreplay

Foreplay is your best friend.

A lot of men with PE/early ejaculation figure out how to use their hands and their mouths to be great lovers and to help women reach orgasm BEFORE they even have intercourse.

If your foreplay game isn’t that strong, I highly suggest you get better at it. It’s going to make you more confident and boost intimacy.

When you know that you can get a woman to reach orgasm using your body, it’s going to improve the quality of sex. Additionally, woman take 20 – 40 minutes to reach orgasm. So if you put in 20 – 40 minutes of foreplay before you even enter her vagina, she’s going to be WAY closer, WAY more satisfied, and WAY more aroused during lovemaking.

Men who are good at foreplay are good lovers. Seriously, that is what women talk about the most. “He gave me such a good time, he’s so good with his hands.”

Foreplay is where it’s at, and if you’re not giving her better sex through milking foreplay, you’re missing a golden opportunity to have an amazing sex life.

Be open-minded about her fantasies and what fills her with sexual desire

kinky woman with whip on bed

This goes for all men, no matter if you have premature ejaculation or not.

Be open-minded about what is going to turn no your female partner and give her sexual satisfaction. Some men believe that huge genitals and lasting forever is the only way to have better sex. These men are boring and probably don’t have very good sex.

Men, hone your intimacy skills.

Be open-minded and learn the art of anticipation, how to dirty talk, how to pleasure her erogenous zones… do the things that make lovemaking truly memorable and that keep partner satisfaction high.

So if you’ve been told that premature ejaculation means you can’t be a great lover. Screw that! You can be a GREAT lover.

In fact, you’re going to be a better lover BECAUSE you’ve dealt with PE or erectile dysfunction.

You’re not a man who was born with incredible ejaculatory control who never had to figure out what really provides partner satisfaction in a long-term relationship. If anything, you have a new superpower: pleasuring her all night long, no matter if you have an erection or not. Because when you ejaculate is besides the point.

Her sexual pleasure is the REAL sexual medicine — no matter if you deal with early ejaculation.

Become an Amazing Lover with Early Ejaculation and Lead her to Climax

If you really want to become a great lover, gain self-esteem and sexual confidence, and create the best sex of your life, be sure to apply for a free Discovery Call with me today – so we can figure out exactly what you need in order to become that one man that women can’t resist.

I’ve helped thousands of men take control over premature ejaculation, gain ejaculatory control, and boost self-esteem in the sack with the Come When You Want Method.

It’s had such a great success rate that I am now offering a step-by-step guide to lasting longer in bed and achieving ejaculatory control. It delivers many of the same tools I use in one on one coaching but in a video format you can access from your phone or computer. Check it out today to last longer in bed!

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