How She Wants You To Thrust During Sex

How you thrust has a huge impact on how good you are between the sheets. We’ve all heard the saying: It’s not about the size, it’s how you use it. Today we’re talking about your thrusting technique.

Think about it, when you’re having sex with a woman, what’s your thrust game like? 

It’s probably something you haven’t thought too much about, and news flash: you should! In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to make sure that when it comes to penetrative sex, you’re blowing her mind with these 6 game-changing thrusting tips.

And yes, I will also be addressing thrusting techniques specific to men who struggle to last as long as they want to in bed. If that’s you, I also suggest checking out my highly effective course, Come When You Want. It’s guaranteed to help you learn to last longer so you can come when YOU want to.

Tip Number One: Start Off Slow

When it comes to thrusting, you always want to start slow and gently. 

Women’s bodies take a while to warm up. Our vaginal canals actually expand during sex and the cervix gets pulled deeper into our bodies to make room for intercourse.

But this doesn’t happen immediately. It takes a little while for our bodies to catch up with our minds and realize we’re having sex.

If you go straight into hard, fast thrusting, chances are it’ll be unpleasant for the woman. 

The feeling of a penis smashing into your cervix can actually be pretty painful so it’s important to start nice and gentle to give the woman’s body some time to prepare. 

Tip Number Two: Tease Her 

When we’re having sex, our bodies are building up toward orgasm. This means that often the feelings and sensations get more and more intense as we get deeper and deeper into the experience. 

Teasing intensifies the experience in a few ways. When you tease a woman, you’re momentarily denying her the buildup of pleasure. You’re hitting pause and taking control of the situation. 

This is so effective because it only makes her want it more… and when you finally give it to her, it’ll make it feel that much better. 

So how do you incorporate teasing into your thrusting technique? 

Slow it down at an unexpected point. When you find yourself getting into a harder, faster rhythm that she’s enjoying, let her relish in it for a while and then slow it right down. 

Take it down by several notches and enter her slowly and shallowly. Do this and watch her squirm. 

I guarantee that she’ll be begging you to pick it back up… and when you feel like she’s on the brink of losing her mind? That’s when you give it to her. 

Tip Number Three: Switch Up The Tempo

Switching up the tempo isn’t only an important tool when it comes to teasing. Really, you should be changing up the tempo of your thrusting pretty regularly during sex. If you endlessly thrust at the same tempo, it gets boring and takes us out of the moment.

In fact, our nerve endings are highly adaptive and get used to repetitive sensation. So, if you’re going back and forth and back and forth at the same tempo for too long? We can actually start to go numb down there. 

Try switching up the tempo often and consider what tempo is best suited to the position you’re in. If you’re both getting close to finishing and you’re penetrating her from behind? That might be a great time to let loose and pick up the pace. 

But, if you find yourself in a more intimate position and you’re facing each other? Consider slowing things down so you can really focus in on each other and savor the sensations. 

The tempo at which you thrust has a huge impact on the emotional connection you’re building. It’s the difference between just having sex and really taking the time to explore each other’s bodies. 

If you’re looking to build a deep, explorative, mind-blowing sexual connection with someone, you have to make sure to hit all these notes. 

Tip Number Four: Grinding Is Key

thrusting during sex

A lot of men really focus on the in and out, in and out type of thrusting. The thing about going all the way in and then pulling all the way out before entering again? There’s one crucial thing you may be neglecting: the clitoris.

When you grind into a woman, your body is pressing up against her labia and clitoris, which is home to an insane amount of nerve endings. 

Many women can’t cum at all without some form of clitoral stimulation, so this is a move you definitely want to incorporate into your thrust game. 

Do this by staying deep inside her and pushing into her body in a way that maintains contact with her clitoris as you move. 

You can sway back and forth, and even move in a slightly circular direction. The point of grinding is to deliver consistent pressure to the clit and its surrounding area. So unless you feel her really leaning into it, keep the movements pretty small. 

It’s such a simple and effective way to really amp up focus in on her pleasure. Try it and I guarantee you’ll feel her body light up. 

Tip Number Five: Let Her Take The Wheel

Sometimes, the best move is letting her take matters into her own hands. If you’re having sex with a woman and you’re noticing that she’s moving her body into you and taking charge of the rhythm, give her the chance to do her thing. 

Regardless of what position you’re in, sometimes the best thrusting technique you can wow her with, is to just… stop thrusting. 

This is a great technique because not only will it feel and look amazing from your end, but you also have the opportunity to learn exactly what she wants when she’s in control so that next time you can give it to her. 

Tip Number Six: Be Present 

As important as it is to know all the various ways you can bring it with your thrusting, it’s just as important to know when to do what. And when it comes to figuring that out, it’s all about being present. 

This means being present with your partner and reading their body language. The best sex comes from being truly connected and in the moment. 

You now know these techniques, your next move is to trust yourself and do what feels natural. If you’re truly present with your partner, you’ll know what each other’s bodies need in any given moment. 

And it’s equally as important to be present with yourself, especially if you struggle with PE or are generally trying to last longer in bed. 

It’s important to be mindful of your own body’s cues, which is just one of the things I teach you to do in my highly effective and seriously game changing online course, Come When You Want. You absolutely can get to a place where you are in total command of your orgasm.

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