Her G-Spot: Your New Best Friend (& The Key to Squirting)

If you’re like many people, there’s a nagging feeling that something’s missing in your sex life. 

You want to give her that rush of pleasure that comes with hitting all the right spots. And you’d especially love to give her such a powerful orgasm that she squirts EVERYWHERE. 

But how?

Once you discover this one pleasure center on the female body, you’ll go from being merely a good lover to making her moan and scream… and yes, squirt. 

You’ve heard about it, but you’re not sure if you’ve ever found it in the wild: the g-spot. 

In this article, you’ll learn exactly what the G-spot is, and why its so important to female pleasure and the squirting orgasm. 

But first… where is it … and what do you do once you find it? 

The first thing you need to know… 

The G-spot is actually a part of the clit.

The clitoral structure extends far beyond the little nub we know and love.  

Its made from erectile tissue (yes women have erectile tissue about as much as men, located in 5 different spots!) 

This is why the G-spot is so important when it comes to her pleasure: upwards of 70% of women can’t even come if she doesn’t have clitoral stimulation of SOME kind. 

And since the G-spot is technically the “urethral tube”, where skene’s gland fluid comes out during a squirting orgasm, it’s THE SPOT to hit if you want her to SPRAY GIRL CUM EVERYWHERE! 

But here’s the weird thing… 

Scientists disagree as to whether or not the G-spot exists. They call it the “gynecological UFO”, mainly because they figure, “if its a part of the clit, can we even call it the G-spot?” 

I can tell you from experience — UFO or not — this spot exists, BUT you won’t be able to find it unless she’s aroused. 

It only shows up AFTER she’s already turned on. Because it’s erectile tissue! 

The Key to Finding the G-Spot: Get Her Aroused.

man getting woman aroused

In order for the G-spot groundhog to come out, you need to get your woman warmed up, aroused, turned on, and ready for penetration. 

If you’re not sure how to do this, read up on how to master foreplay to make her BEG for it. But once you’ve gotten that figured out, you’re ready to stimulate her g-spot, give her a huge orgasm, and make her squirt. 

So her cheeks are flushed, she’s breathing heavy, she’s turned on… and she’s not expecting the incredible pleasure you’re about to give her. 

Where the G-Spot is Located

Stick a finger or two inside her and about 2-3 inches up on her and make the “come hither” motion. 

Toward her front, you’ll feel a ridgy, spongey nub that feels unique inside her… 

Like a tiny pool noodle. 

Next, you’ll stimulate it for max pleasure.

How to Give Her a Squirting Orgasm By Penetrating the G-Spot

sexy wet woman in tub

Here are four techniques that will help you know exactly how to start and finish to give her a squirting orgasm:

Technique #1: Apply pressure to the g-spot and hold still. 

Do not underestimate the power of stillness in driving her wild. The pressure you’ll apply with make her feel incredible … like a somehow satisfying tease. 

Technique #2: Palpate the g-spot.

After staying still and applying pressure, begin to palpate your fingers on her g-spot, and don’t feel like you have to go too gently, either. 

But remember to break these palpitations up with more stillness… palpate twice, and then take a pause. Palpate twice, and then take a pause. 

Technique #3: Windshield wipers. 

Brush your fingers across her g-spot…

Imagine you’re stroking her lovingly so as to avoid a mechanical motion that might turn her off.

Lovingly, TENDERLY, SLOWLY, stroke in this motion.

Technique #4: Go in Circles. 

Still using the come-hither motion, you’ll massage the g-spot in circles. Go harder as she gets more aroused, and don’t be afraid to switch up these techniques to blow her mind.

Once you’ve gotten her extremely aroused, (literally she’s panting, she’s moaning…) 

  1. You should create an uncontrollable urge in her to squirt by rubbing her clit AND g-spot at the SAME TIME. 
  2. The more aroused she gets, the harder you should go — and DON’T LET UP. 
  3. Your hand might get tired, but KEEP GOING. 

Grab your raincoats, my dudes, because you’re about to enter The Squirting Zone.

If you follow these steps exactly, she will most likely have the most intense squirting orgasm you’ve ever seen — and her mind will be blown. Her entire body will at your command, her eyes will roll back into her head, and her world will be rocked — all because you now understand that the g-spot is front and center of her pleasure.

Use the Techniques in the Masterclass, Make Her Squirt

This course is all about how to give her so much pleasure that she can’t help but have a squirting orgasm. This course will teach you exactly how to:

  • Create an uncontrollable urge to squirt while rubbing her clit and g-spot 
  • Give her intense orgasms so she falls in love with you 
  • An advanced technique using her ASS to make her squirt 
  • The best time to remove your hand or penis so she can squirt everywhere 
  • MULTIPLE sex positions that stimulates her g-spot perfectly
  • How to make her come quicker 
  • And how to give her FULL BODY intense orgasms on command. 

I am so excited for you to go try this out with your partner, and when you do, be sure to come back and let me know how she liked it.

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