Does Penis Size Matter?

It’s an age-old question that you may have been wondering since the first time you had sexual intercourse: what if you have a smaller-than-average penis? Do women have a preference?
In my years of sex and relationship coaching, I’ve noticed that when men ask if penis size matters to women, what they’re REALLY asking is:
These are the questions at the heart of the matter. This is what men are really wondering when they ask about penis size.

I’ll be straight with you. Penis size matters. But not in the way you’d expect.

Because you know what else matters?

Being a good sexual partner. Taking a shower. The way you speak to a woman. How you use your tongue and your hands. Your post-sex routine, whether you cuddle… when it comes to sex, a lot matters.

Men – not women – are more likely to think penis size matters.

After years of watching porn, it’s easy to compare your girth or penis length to the ones on screen. It’s not realistic! Anyone is going to wonder about the size of their penis when they compare themselves to the most gargantuan penises known to man.

In fact, most women don’t even consider penis size important. There are more important things to consider for sexual pleasure.

(Like what, you ask? We’ll get to this in a minute.)

Here’s the secret: stop comparing yourself to porn stars and start working with your own manhood! Because chances are, you have EXACTLY what women want!

But first I want to answer one essential question.

How Much Does Penis Size REALLY Matter to Women?

Man pleasuring woman in bed

I’d be lying if I said that penis size never matters to women.

But the truth is, larger is not automatically better.

If you have a large penis, you’ve got more to think about. You have to master foreplay and focus on getting your woman warmed up and ready for your big dick. Only then can you achieve a comfortable, enjoyable sexual intercourse experience for your woman.

And some men with extremely large penises aren’t able to enjoy penetrative sex at all, because most women are not able to open up enough to let them in!

(So much for achieving vaginal orgasm…)

In fact, it’s more advantageous to have an average penis size. In a study of women’s penis size preferences, women tended to choose just around average penis sizes. They also report that width matters more than length, so if you’re short but have lots of girth, you’re in luck.

So if you’re rocking a normal size penis, there’s no reason to feel bad for another second! You’ve got what most women prefer!

Here’s the good news. No matter the size of a man, he can provide sexual satisfaction to his woman and be an amazing lover. Below are some techniques on how you can have an amazing sex life and please your woman between the sheets – especially for those with a small penis.

Step 1: Be Awesome at Oral Sex and Manual Stimulation, and Know Where the Pleasure Really Is

a man giving a woman oral sex

A smaller-than-average penis is not a problem. 

In most cases, you can more than make up for this by being awesome at oral sex and manual stimulation. This alone can make you an incredible lover, no matter your penis length.

Here’s a pro tip for men of all circumference: the first step to mind-blowing sex is to use your mouth and hands on the outside of her body and on the first two inches of her vagina. That’s where the magic happens. That’s the pleasure zone, and a surefire way to get her begging for more.

Remember that not all women orgasm through vaginal penetration anyways! Some studies suggest that as low as 30 percent of women are able to achieve orgasm through the penis being inside the vagina. (Hint: stimulate her clitoris, my dudes.)

This is proof that you don’t need a larger penis to pleasure your woman! You just need to know how to use your hands or a well-placed vibrator to get her going in all the right places.

Step 2: Utilize Sex Positions That Increase Arousal For Her

When it comes to putting a woman on sexual cloud-9, you don’t need a specific penile length… sometimes all you need is the right position. The closer together her legs and thighs, the more stimulation she’ll feel in the first two inches of her vaginal wall, where it really matters.

These positions include:

  • Your woman lays face down on her stomach with her legs together as you enter her from behind
  • Your woman throws both her legs over one of your shoulders as she lays on her back.

If you’re with a woman who is particularly wet, you can use a soft cloth or towel to wipe away the excess liquid. By decreasing the amount of liquid, (not so much that she’s “dry” but enough that you introduce more friction), you’ll create more stimulation with your shaft!

Step 3: Let Her Take Control!

Woman on top sexual position

Most men think that it’s their pumping and thrusting of their erection that creates a pleasurable sensation for their woman.

The truth is, studies show that when women are in control of the speed, the angle, and depth of penetration they reach orgasm more often.

This is super great news! The ability for her to reach orgasm is not entirely on you and YOUR motions and penile length. It’s not even on your ability to thrust deep!

Give her the reins to her own vaginal orgasm and pleasure. Let her ride you, experience YOU, and utilize what she loves about YOU for her to reach orgasm. It really is that simple.

If she still wants to have more stimulation, encourage her to do Kegel exercises, or “pelvic floor strengthening exercises” that will allow her to squeeze down harder on you when you’re inside of her. This will give her more stimulation and the best chance of reaching orgasm during penetrative sex.

All of these techniques work because they target the first two inches of the vaginal canal, which is where almost all the nerve endings that are inside a woman are located. They’re in the clitoris, the labia, and vulva. That’s the most nerve-sensitive, sensation-rich area of a woman’s body, and must be utilized for mind-blowing sexual intercourse.

More proof there’s no right size… there’s just a right attitude.

Better Sex at Any Penis Size

It’s really not about “whether size matters” but whether you’re making the most out of your own penile length!

This is true for any body shape, dick trait, circumference, or size.

If you want to improve your sex life, you’re in the right place. I’m an expert on male sexuality, and I’m a sex coach who coaches men who want to boost their sexual attractiveness, overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or simply bring their woman to orgasm every single time.

Sign up for a free consultation so we can get started on the simple and effective process in improving your sex life and your relationship for the better.  I’m here to help! Remember, better sex equals a better life!

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