Do You Know These 10 Epic Sex Positions?

If you’re looking for a way to switch it up in the bedroom, or maybe you’re just curious about the endless possibilities of human coital contortion, I’m sharing the ten most epic sex positions, guaranteed to add spice to your sex life.

Now some of these are Cirque Du Soleil level, human pretzel sexual achievements… and others might just be something you haven’t thought of before.

Either way, if you’re looking to get a little wild in the bedroom, experimenting with new ways to do the deed can be deeply satisfying… and just plain fun. 

Sex Position #1: The Standing Wheelbarrow

This one is for the ladies who have excellent upper arm strength and a desire to feel like a human plow… while getting plowed. 

Think of it as an advanced, downward facing dog that has the added benefit of hitting your g-spot. 

I’d say that’s worth the effort. 

To get into this, I recommend starting off with the giver standing off the edge of a bed or other such surface.

And for the receiver… if you’re finding that holding yourself up is putting too much pressure on your wrists, you can always take it down a notch by coming down to your elbows. Because joint care is important, people. We’re not getting any younger. 

Sex Position #2: The Holy W

This one’s ideal for the couch, so next time you’re down for some Netflix and chill you no longer have an excuse not to get creative with it. 

The Holy W requires a significant amount of core strength from the person on top, although they can always lean back and enjoy for a minute if it gets to be too much. 

Getting into this position is not for the faint of heart! You start off with the top partner’s legs straddling the bottom’s shoulders, and slowly lower into position. 

PRO TIP: If the endgame position is the Holy W, why not wow your partner by starting with a bit of oral? Have them straddle your face as you sit on the couch and then slowly lower them onto yourself for penetration. 

When it comes to thrusting, you and your partner have to be pretty in sync to pull this one off. You’re probably not going to get a ton of hard, in and out thrusts in… think fluid and smooth grinds as you find your rhythm. 

Sex Position #3: The Little Dipper

Named after a constellation, this position might take you out of this world. 

Strong ladies on top! The little dipper requires more work from the person who’s riding. 

To do this one, you’ll need to be close to a couch or bed and ready for a tricep workout. 

And gentlemen, if you want to give your lady a hand, you can always grab onto her hips and aid in the bouncing… or stimulate her clit for added pleasure. 

Sex Position #4: Horizontal Cowgirl

Maybe this one isn’t quite as physically wild, but it’s a unique and effective way to experience some wild intimacy during sex. 

The horizontal cowgirl also has the penetrated partner on top, but rather than straddling in a seated position, she lowers herself down so that your torsos are aligned. 

It’s a full body, up close and personal situation and has the added bonus of providing extra clitoral stimulation. 

So, giddy up. 

Sex Position #5: The Double Decker

Just like the vehicle this position is named after, the Double Decker might just be the thing to take you exactly where you want to go.

This one’s another creative variation of the classic cowgirl, and you don’t have to be insanely fit or flexible to enjoy it. It’s a little less intimate than the Horizontal Cowgirl, but adds a different twist because the person on top has their back faced to the person penetrating. 

Start off in the reverse cowgirl, and have the person on top lean back, supporting herself with her elbows. 

This position is awesome because it allows the person on the bottom to feel all along their partner’s body. The thrusting can be a joined effort and it’s easy to give some clit some TLC while it all happens. 

I’d call that a winner! 

Sex Position #6: The Cradle

This one’s on the simpler end when it comes to bodily contortion, and there are plenty of ways to get into it. It’s a great position to transition into and it’s quite intimate considering you’re not facing your partner. 

The receiving partner starts on top, facing away. Then, both partners bring their knees up, making a sweet little reverse cowgirl embrace. 

If you ever find yourself in reverse cowgirl and get the sudden urge for more closeness and romance, try sitting up and grabbing your partner’s body, pulling them into you. It’ll shift the angle of penetration and it’s a seriously hot move.  

Sex Position #7: The Lotus

This is another great one for building intimacy as well as achieving deep, intense penetration. 

For the lotus, the penetrating partner sits cross legged on the bed or floor, and their partner straddles them, wrapping their legs around to cross behind the torso. 

It takes a little bit of maneuvering to get into but once you’re there, I think you’ll find it’s worth it. 

The Lotus is so great because it allows for a great opportunity to connect intimately. You’re facing each other and can experience the pleasure on each other’s faces. This position also requires you to be in sync with each other, as the thrusting comes from both of you equally. 

The Lotus is a fantastic position if you’re looking to deepen your connection with your partner and want to take things to a spiritual level. If you’re playing around with tantric sex, then this is a great way to go. 

Sex Position #8: The Side Straddle

This one’s great for women who like to be in control and men to love to get a view of the backside. 

For the side straddle, the penetrating partner lays on the bed with one leg up, bent at the knee. 

The other partner then straddles the leg and lowers themselves down until penetrated. 

The person on top does a lot of the work for this one, which also gives them the opportunity to take control of the pace and rhythm. This position is also great for clitoral stimulation… yes you’re basically humping your partners leg, but it’ll feel so good, you’ll get over it. 

It’s also a rare position that gives the penetrating partner a great view of ass without having to do all the work. 

Sign me up. 

Sex Position #9: The Three Legged Dog

This sex position gets its name from a yoga pose… which is appropriate because it requires a bit of balance.

To pull this one off, I recommend staying near a wall or something you can grab onto for support. The last thing you want is a bad fall while you’re having a little tumble. 

If your balance isn’t great to begin with, you can also do this standing against a wall… no points deducted as long as everyone’s having fun. 

The three legged dog is a standing position. The partner getting penetrated lifts one of their legs up and wraps them around their significant other. Find the right angle to get in there and bam! That’s all there is to it. 

This position is great for sex in unconventional spaces like the shower. Just be safe if your shower is slippery.

Sex Position #10: The Golden Gate

Alright guys, I’m rounding out the list with what may be the single most challenging sex position out there. 

If you’re able to pull this one off then you, my friend, are a Gold winner in the sexual olympics.

The Golden Gate is a crazy variation on the 69 position. It’s all fun and games if you’re on the bottom… your only job is to lay back and take it all in… But for the partner up top? It’s a whole different story. 

You have to be extremely strong and flexible to get into this one. 

Yep, you’re seeing that right! The person on the bottom  is in a full on bridge, with a deep back bend, while their partner straddles on top.

The bottom partner has to have a wild amount of strength to pull this one off! And the person on top needs more than a little bit of balance…

Like I said… this position is no walk in the park and definitely not for the faint of heart. But it sure does look like a lot of fun. 

It’s Always Fun to Try Something New for a Better Sex Life

Listen — you don’t need to be able to contort your body to have amazing sex. Sometimes half the fun is trying something new with your partner.

So whether you’re a sexual daredevil or just looking for a new angle, I guarantee that you will have a blast with your partner by giving some of these a go… your body is an endless bag of new tricks, so get out there and put it to use! 

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