You Are Not Alone

Unshakable confidence, control in the bedroom, a passionate relationship, the sex life of your dreams.

There’s a path forward for gaining confidence in bed, becoming a better lover, and gaining ejaculatory
control… even if you’ve tried everything.

Men that don’t solve their sexual issues are more likely to get a divorce and lose the woman of their dreams. Most men don’t go around talking about all the sexual issues they’re dealing with on a daily basis… this can be a big mistake.

I’m about to show you why in just a few minutes.

Because you might not realize how common it is for men to NOT seek help when they’re struggling with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other problems in bed…

Which ends up destroying relationships, ruining your confidence, and causing you to lose your sexual power. No matter what you’re dealing with right now… I want you to know I’ve got your back.

My proven system can help you overcome premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, sexless relationships … and give you unprecedented confidence in the bedroom.

“But Caitlin”, you say, “I’m older. I’ve been divorced. I’ve tried pills, numbing creams, and injections. I can’t even last when I masturbate.”

I hear you.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

In fact, I’ve helped hundreds of men in your exact position — men who feel helpless, whose relationships are hanging by a thread… men as old as 76 who have tried EVERYTHING but still have no control over their erection strength or ejaculations.

If you struggle with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or performance anxiety, you know that it impacts every part of your life.

You lose confidence at work. You withdraw from friends. You become your lover’s roommate, like ships passing in the night. You might even feel completely useless. You can’t perform in the bedroom.


Through working with these hundreds of men, I have developed a system that
has helped men all over the world cure their PE and ED, regain their sexual
confidence and recover from emasculating relationships.

Here’s one example of my system in action…

She had the divorce papers in her hand… then this happened.

Jeff watched in shock as his relationship with his wife of seven years, Emily, crumbled to pieces.

“I felt totally useless in bed, like my wife didn’t even need or want me sexually anymore,” says Jeff, “After a while, it felt easier to just avoid sex altogether. We went almost a year without having sex, and when we finally had sex again, it was disappointing. I felt horrible.”

Emily finally gave him an ultimatum…

“Figure this out or I am going to need you to sign these papers…” She plopped divorce papers in front of him… and he says “That’s the moment my heart dropped…”

“My children and my wife were about to be ripped apart from my life…”

He decided to try anything and everything to save his marriage.

“I did research on how to pleasure my wife… I spent hours reading articles and watching videos about what women want in bed… I tried numbing creams and kegel exercises for my premature ejaculation…

I even went to a cognitive behavioral therapist… And ​still,​ I felt like I didn’t have the guidance or direction I needed. I could only last for a few minutes and my wife wasn’t interested.” Jeff was desperate. Emily was ready to file for divorce.

One night, when Jeff was researching solutions in a fit of desperation, he stumbled upon my YouTube channel and found a little bit of hope by filling out my ​coaching application. “I figured, what could it hurt? I had never heard of a sex coach before, but I figured getting the one-on-one attention might be good.”

After working together, Jeff went from lasting only a few minutes in bed and having zero confidence…. To a sexual transformation that rocked Emily’s world and saved their marriage.

“I have never been more attracted to my husband,” said Emily about three months after he started taking one-on-one coaching with Caitlin, “I just wanted to be able to have ‘​normal people sex’​, but I never thought that Jeff would be able to pleasure me for hours and eventually give me the most intense orgasms. My orgasms are so amazing now that I just have to laugh every time I come. I feel like we’re on our honeymoon but better.”

For Jeff and Emily, it was an incredible transformation.

Caitlin’s Unique, Science-Backed Coaching Methods Have Saved Hundreds of relationships.

Look — every sexual situation is unique.

There are no two men that come to me with the same exact issue for the same exact reasons.

After working with hundreds of men, my system is designed to serve YOUR unique needs. My proven system works for:

  • Women who have NEVER HAD AN ORGASM
  • Couples who STOPPED HAVING SEX or lost their sexual chemistry
  • Men who are afraid to have sex or date

What our Client says

I suffered from premature ejaculation very badly and had zero confidence in the bedroom. Working with Caitlin I was able to reach and surpass my goals and most importantly my confidence level is through the roof!

– Jason R, 58

How did I become an expert on men and male sexuality?

I’ve always been passionate about sex. I was the teenager in the sexuality aisle at the bookstore… leafing through sexual science books and feeling like I could never learn enough.

Which is why I ended up studying for a doctorate at the University of Texas School of Public Health… where I realized that helping people directly through coaching was my true passion.

As a sexologist, I use evidence-based and field-tested methods to achieve results. As a coach, I combine my scientific background with my natural gift of engaging people with unconditional love.

  • Everyone is unique and no two people have exactly the same goals for their sex lives
  • Nothing is off-limits
  • There is no rulebook

What our Client says

It was so awesome working with Caitlin. I had so much fun talking about different ways to look at every situation and learning the different techniques to deal with PE. She not only helped me deal with the physical aspect of PE but the underlying anxiety and self esteem issues. It was so much fun to work with someone so bubbly and happy but knowledgeable. If I could work with Caitlin forever, I 100% would.

– Zach, 32, Indianapolis

Apply Now to See if You’re a Good Fit!

Most people I work with start seeing results after our first call.

One sub-par night of sex (or no sex at all) turns into weeks and months of struggle… because people think “I’ll just do more research…. Or I’ll find a pill that actually works….”

You don’t have more time to waste.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you have amazing, mind-blowing sex, and you walk into work the next day with a spring in your step because your woman keeps texting you that she “can’t stop thinking about last night”.

I LOVE seeing these results for my clients. It’s why I do this.

It’s time to stop trying to find magic bullet solutions that don’t work.

It’s time to take full advantage of my science-backed, 98% effective proven system for empowering your sex life, for giving you unprecented confidence in bed, and for ending your premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction once and for all.