Can a Woman Really Help Men with Premature Ejaculation?

I was out to dinner with a couple of friends the other night when a friend stopped me and said, “You’re a woman…and yet you work with men to cure premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But you yourself have never experienced what it’s like to be a man with sexual dysfunction! Why does anyone trust your counsel?”

To which I said “That’s a valid point!”

Why SHOULD men trust me to help sure their sexual dysfunction?

After all, I don’t exactly have the… HARDware… so to speak. But that doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I wanted you to hear it from the actual men I’ve helped… so you can decide for yourself if a woman can help men cure premature ejaculation.

Because I’ve seen success first hand. I’ve seen men go from performance anxiety to confidence, from being premature ejaculators to men who can have sexual intercourse all night long.

But first…

Why Should You Trust a (Qualified) Woman to Give Sex Advice to Men?

There’s probably going to be a couple dudes reading this who ask, “Yeah, but what does she know about male arousal and impotence?” As they put a “No girls allowed” sign on their treehouse. I see you, boys. I get it.

The truth is, I have a different relationship with men, and I’ve had sexual relationships with men over the course of my life, as well as platonic relationships.

Most men, on the other hand, have had one relationship with one man’s penis, and that is their own! And that relationship is totally valid (hello masturbation)! You can learn a lot by having those parts!

But I have seen men in every stage of sexual function, younger men, older men, men with cardiovascular disease, psychological factors that affect sexual activity, with different levels of sexual satisfaction. I’ve developed a wealth of experience that other people haven’t had the opportunity to cultivate.

In a nutshell… I know about erectile function. I have a lot of experience helping men overcome erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and more.

But I’m going to let you learn for yourself first hand from the people I’ve worked with!

From Erectile Dysfunction to Boners in Less than Three Months

“Before working with Caitlin, I couldn’t get erections with new sexual partners. But working with Caitlin felt natural, comfortable, and opened my mind in new ways. I no longer have a problem getting erections and I am free to live the life I want. Be absolutely honest with Caitlin, do the work, and you will get to where you want to be. I did everything she said and it produced results (in my case, boners) in less than three months.” – Male, 49, Nevada

I am so proud of this guy, he did incredible work. We were able to improve blood flow to his penis, and strengthen his erections so he could enjoy intercourse again. SO proud!

A Boost in Confidence and Libido

Can a Woman Really Help Men with Premature Ejaculation?

“I had no sexual confidence at all, which led to a horrible premature ejaculation problem and anxiety before any sexual encounter. Caitlin was amazing to work with. She was so compassionate and caring, it was just unbelievable. I could tell after one session she was going to be able to help me delay ejaculation. After working with Caitlin I had the confidence and ability the perform the way I’ve always dreamed of. Caitlin truly helped me achieve my goals. Everything she said worked, and she truly changed my life.” – Male, 32, Ohio

… I’m not crying YOU’RE crying!

“I used to have extreme performance anxiety thinking I wasn’t good enough or worthy. It really messed with my sexual desire. Working with Caitlin did not feel like work. It was a joy to communicate with Caitlin. Once I started doing ‘homework’ things started getting fun (lol a lot of f-cking fun!) Walk together with Catilin. She will touch your heart and mind.” – Max, 59, California

“My premature ejaculation used to be so bad that it left me with emotional issues. When I worked with Caitlin, I found myself having so much fun thinking of different ways to look at every situation and learning the different techniques to deal with premature ejaculation. She not only gave me amazing treatment options for PE, but also the underlying anxiety and self-esteem issues. Caitlin was fun, bubbly, happy, and yet extremely knowledgeable. She provided me with an ample amount of material I could reference at any time and was far more available to me than a traditional sex therapist would have been. If I could work with her forever, I 100% would.” – Brett, 30, Calgary

This is true. This guy, when he came to work with me, was in the dumps. I remember our first call. His energy was so low that I wondered if I could even offer him effective treatment. Thankfully he was already seeing a therapist, but I thought “I don’t know if I can help him, he’s got to be literally pulled up out of this deep dark place in order to get results!” This man was so committed to overcoming his sexual dysfunction that I decided to take him on.

This man’s PE was affecting his self-esteem in his family life and in his job, and we were able to sort a lot of that out. He did really excellent work, and I’m really proud of how far he’s come.

If you’re looking to boost confidence and improve sexual performance, especially to last longer in bed, check out my Come When You Want Masterclass. This class is designed to help men last longer in bed, become more confident lovers, and master control over their ejaculation.

From Lacking Intimacy to Getting Laid Twice in One Day

“Working with Caitlin was like being saved by an old best friend that I didn’t know I had. I felt truly cared for and learned to respect myself after years of low self-esteem and depression.”

When this man came to work with me, he hadn’t had sex in a long time. I think it had been years. There was one time during our work together that he got laid TWICE in 24-hours!

“I cannot thank Caitlin for what she has done for me as a coach. She was compassionate, was always there for me, and represents a turning point in my life.” – Male, 28, Chicago

“Caitlin taught me that conflict can exist between values and needs, and how I could meet those needs, including those of my disabled partner. Working with her was inspiring, positive, engaging, enjoyable, and challenging. Everything worked, even the challenges that took me outside of my comfort zone.” – Robert, 60, Australia

“I used to feel hopeless, but working with Caitlin felt much like friendship. It’s not one big thing, it’s a million little things. Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, it’s difficult to remember what life was like before.” – XY, 38, France

He had tried EVERYTHING to Cure Premature Ejaculation, and Nothing Worked.  

couple in bedroom having sexual problems

This next client had tried EVERYTHING on the market before working with me, and nothing worked. He did injections, took pills, slathered on numbing creams, saw a therapist, had tried the start/stop method and edging. This guy tried EVERYTHING you could think of to cure Premature Ejaculation, with no success.

Which is fine, because I developed my own system to curing Premature Ejaculation, called the Come When You Want Method that I use with my one-on-one clients and in my Masterclass. My system is completely different than anything out there, but I do take the best of those techniques and research, and I add this all to a wholistic brain/body/breath system. It’s based on science, and my own personal experience, and trial and error over my years of coaching.

But this guy had tried the most out of everyone, and he was nervous that he wasn’t going to get a result. He wasn’t sure if I could help him!

“I was tired of looking up random solutions for PE, and I was frustrated with my overall situation. When I started working with Caitlin, it was so great to suddenly have tools and practices to fall back on. I also enjoyed the non-PE-specific tools, like the breathing and relaxation exercises, which helped surprisingly well. Caitlin was positive and uplifting, and gave me a better perspective on other aspects of my life – helping me better appreciate my career and family”. – Male, 38, CA

A Doctor with Premature Ejaculation That Called Sex Coaching a “Game Changer”

Before working with Caitlin, I was lost. I didn’t know where to even begin. Caitlin helped me understand the dynamics behind my PE, and now I have a firm understanding of the situation. I can now act and respond to my PE appropriately, which is a game-changer.  – Male,  Canada

This client of mine was a SUPER smart doctor, and really showed up and put in the work. It goes to show that its not about how smart you are, how educated you are, it’s not about how many things you try, or how much time or money you have… curing premature ejaculation is about knowing exactly what to do, and doing those things in the correct order.

Sometimes You Need a Sex Coach to Help You Achieve a Better Sex Life

For those of you who were wondering “Can a woman really help a man solve Premature Ejaculation?” I hope that reading these testimonials helped answer your question, because YES WE CAN! An experienced, qualified woman CAN help! Absolutely! THIS woman can! I’ve done it many times before, and you can ask the men I’ve helped.

If you need help with premature ejaculation, please apply to work with me! I will help you get the same exact results that these men got, no matter how much you’re struggling today. We can work together to help you last longer in bed, overcome premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, and make you a more confident lover.

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