Caitlin V is Proud to Partner with Royal

As Royal’s resident Sexpert, Cailtin is paving the way for healthier, safer, and elevated sexual wellness. 

It’s time to announce a match made in heaven. 

Clinical Sexologist Caitlin V, MPH, is working alongside vegan sexual wellness company Royal to help educate consumers about how to live healthier, all-natural sex lives. 

Caitlin hopes that her partnership with Royal will make it easier for people to make healthier choices around sexual wellness, and to elevate their sex lives for max enjoyment and better outcomes. 

Since her partnership with Royal began, they’ve been featured in POPSUGAR, BUSTLE  and Oprah Magazine sharing expert tips on how to have a better, healthier sex life. 

ABOUT ROYAL — Royal is redefining sexual wellness & hygiene by offering vegan-friendly condoms, organic and water-based lubricants, vitamin E infused body wipes, and other products enabling each user to enjoy and elevate the experience without compromising their health. Since launching in 2016, the company has been completely transparent about the ingredients used in each product because knowing what’s going in and around your body is not just smart, it’s sexy. 

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