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Introduce Kink Into Your Sex Life

So you have a kink. First of all, congratulations. Sometimes allowing ourselves to admit we have a sexual curiosity can be difficult. But you’re already doing it! Today I’m going to tell you how to get your partner to do

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The 10 most common myths about lasting longer in bed

When it comes to lasting longer in bed, there are a lot of myths out there. These myths are harmful because they cause various psychological factors that get in the way of treatment options that actually work for PE. That’s

Caitlin V is Proud to Partner with Royal

As Royal’s resident Sexpert, Cailtin is paving the way for healthier, safer, and elevated sexual wellness.  It’s time to announce a match made in heaven.  Clinical Sexologist Caitlin V, MPH, is working alongside vegan sexual wellness company Royal to help

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What Women REALLY Think About Double Penetration

Double penetration is an INCREDIBLY common pornography search, which might have you thinking that DP is just about two penises going at the same girl at the same time. Guys, double penetration is SO MUCH MORE than that. In fact,

How Men Over 45 Can Win At Sex & Online Dating

If you’re the kind of guy who has given up on himself entirely… Who thinks women are just looking for an ATM machine… Or that a dog is better company than a girlfriend… no judgment! But this blog article is

How drinking helps you last longer in bed

It is a common suggestion: a couple ounces of liquid courage can help you boost sexual stamina.  But is it true? Short answer: sort of. There’s a LOT you need to take into consideration before you start mixing alcohol with

Coronavirus – How to Survive Quarantine with Your Spouse

If you haven’t noticed, the whole world is on lockdown or social-distancing right now (including me) and there’s all sorts of news stories (like this one from the New Yorker, this one, about the spiked divorce rate in China after quarantine, and this one about

The 7 BEST sex positions to last longer in bed

When you always climax too soon, it can get embarrassing, demoralizing, and frustrating.  For her, it can get boring. (Trust me, your girl wants you to last long enough for her to enjoy foreplay and reach her own finish line.) 

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The battle-proven way to have sex with two women at once

Having a threesome with two women can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your entire life…. but if done wrong, it can be a relationship killer.  When you bring another woman into the bedroom, there are numerous landmines

How to Optimize Your Bedroom So You Have More Sex

We’re all on a quest to have more sex. We stock up on lube and sex toys, make sure we smell nice, and try to be as attractive to the opposite sex as possible.  But there’s one HIGHLY overlooked aspect

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How to Tell if She’s Faking Orgasm

Women are going to be mad at me for writing this article. I can feel it. So YOU, dear reader, should promise me that you will NOT use this information to make women feel bad about themselves. You’re not going

3 Simple Ways to Give Her Intense Orgasms

A recent study shows that up to 70% of women admit to sometimes faking orgasms.  You know what this really means? That 70% of women experience communication breakdowns during sexual activity. I believe this is the leading cause of breakups

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She Probably Won’t Orgasm Unless You Do This

One of the Lannisters from Game of Thrones once said, “there is a tool for every task, and a task for every tool.” I didn’t watch Game of Thrones (**Gasp!**) but I do have an awesome new tool to share