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Watch Caitlin V Give an Orgasmic Anal Massage to a LIVE MODEL

Caitlin Reveals Her Secrets to Mind-Blowing Penetrative Anal Sex and Giving Blended Orgasms

Caitlin V’s Exclusive Product Demonstration: Watch as She Guides You Through Her Favorite Products and Toys that Boost Pleasure and Effectiveness of Anal Massage

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World-renowned sex and relationship coach Caitlin V combines over a decade of professional expertise with life-changing personal experience to debunk everything you thought you knew about Anal Play. 

This easy to follow, step-by-step guide teaches you EXACTLY how to give ANY woman incredible pleasure with the power of Anal Massage. Open you and your partner up to a whole new level of sexual desire by showing her just how good it can feel…

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Unleash the Secrets of Anal Massage: a Simple, Foolproof Course for The Kind of Uninhibited Pleasure You’ve Only Dreamed of

Bonus Video: Caitlin Dispells Anal Sex Myths That Are Holding You (And Her) Back

Bonus Video: Caitlin’s Easy-To-Follow Guide to Immediately Pleasurable Anal Sex that she’ll go wild for

Bonus Video: Caitlin’s Exclusive Guide To Both Giving And Receiving Pleasure With Anal Sex Toys for Advanced Anal Play

Bonus Video: Caitlin V Takes You on a Seductive Journey of Anal Massage with a live model!

Unlock the Power of Anal Massage: Advanced Pleasure

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Is ANAL MASSAGE Right for You?

The truth is… This course is very personal to me. 

You see, even though I’ve been working for over a decade as a sex and relationship coach, I’ve always had reservations about anal play. 

I’d tried it several times over the years with different partners, and was always left wondering what the fuss was about. 

Some of those experiences were painful… Some were okay, and only a couple were in any way enjoyable. 

Every time I agreed to explore that part of my body, it felt like I was doing something for my partner. It never felt like it was for my actual enjoyment. 

I, like most women, just didn’t understand the appeal. 

But then everything changed. 

I was dating this guy for a couple months, and the sex was great. 

We were at my place fooling around one night, and I felt his fingers trail along my ass and toward my anus… 

I froze. 

He noticed that I was tense, so we stopped to talk about it. 

To be honest, I was nervous to tell him how I felt. As a leader in the field of sex and relationship coaching, people often assume that I’m down for anything in bed. I was worried that there was something wrong with me because I just couldn’t find the pleasure in anal, even though I knew SO much about it. 

I told him that I’d tried it and that despite my best efforts, anal just wasn’t my thing. 

He listened to me with empathy and I didn’t feel judged at all… Once I had told him everything about how I was feeling, he did something I’d never forget. 

He leaned in to kiss me and told me he was sorry that I’d had those experiences. He told me that he’d never want to push me into anything I was uncomfortable with, but that he’d experienced a similar thing with many women in his past. 

He said that if I was open to it, he’d love to explore this sexual barrier with me… At my own pace and comfort level. 

What happened next transformed my relationship to pleasure, my body, and my entire sexual identity forever. 

And that’s what’s in this course. 

After some thought, I decided I was interested in experimenting with anal. 

I assumed he was gonna do what most men had in the past… I was expecting a finger up my bum or rushed penetration with lots of lube. 

Instead, he had me lay down as he slowly worked his hands all over my body. 

When he got to my back side, he didn’t simply put his finger into it. 

He touched that part of my body in a way I’d never experienced before. 

It felt like all my nerve endings down there were lighting up as he started to massage me. 

After a while, I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing… 

I was BEGGING him to insert himself into me. 

And when he did? It felt INCREDIBLE. 

Seriously. It was like a completely different experience than the ones I’d had before. 

My body was relaxed. It was receptive. I WANTED it. 

I hadn’t felt that kind of dirty, carnal passion in a long time… 

That very first time with him, I experienced a blended anal/vaginal orgasm that is still to this day one of the most intense and pleasurable experiences of my life. 

It’s been years now… But thinking about that night STILL turns me on. 

And THIS is why I’ve put so much time and effort into this course. 

Learning how to do anal play the RIGHT way transformed my sexuality. I think every man and woman deserves to have the same incredible awakening I had. 

In this course, I teach you exactly how to perform anal massage that opens your partner up to a completely new level of pleasure. 

I teach you everything from the crucial warm-up, all the way through full penetrative anal and how to give a blended orgasm. 

And I’ve even included a very NSFW video of myself giving an anal massage to a live model. 

You can see for yourself just how I do it, and just how pleasurable it is for the receiver… It’s the best way I could think of to make sure you couldn’t possibly get it wrong when you try it for yourself. 

I promise that both you and your partner will leave this course as transformed lovers…

I know I did.

Anal Massage: Advanced Pleasure

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I’m so confident in the transformative power of Anal Massage that I’m offering a 90-day money back guarantee. 

I’ve seen firsthand the impact it’s had on my own sexuality, as well as countless others.

Anal Massage will completely change the way you give and experience pleasure, open your partner up to a whole new depth of hot pleasure, and unlock new levels of intimacy between you. But don’t just take my word for it – try it out for yourself, risk-free.

If you’re not happy with your experience within 90 days, simply let us know and we’ll provide a full refund, no questions asked.

So why wait? Take the plunge and experience the power of Anal Massage for yourself. The results will speak for themselves. 

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Show her the pleasure her body is really capable of

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Help her discover her wildest eroticism

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This Hands-On Course Shows You How…

Unlock the Power of Anal Massage: Advanced Pleasure

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Gain Access to the World’s Leading Sex Techniques and Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Anal Play… This Step-By-Step Video Guide Shows You the Way.

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  • Show her mind-melting sensations she never knew existed
  • Achieve new heights of arousal and give blended orgasms

Overcome Sexual Barriers

  • Connect to each other’s bodies in a whole new way
  • Overcome discomfort to unlock new levels of kink and eroticism
  • Explore each other’s wild sides and connect with your deepest sexual potential

Boost Connection

  • Open her mind and body to wild sexual intensity
  • Learn to enter a true sexual flow state with your partner
  • Uncover new depths of sexual desire rooted in safety, trust, and exploration

free Her Deepest Sexuality

  • Find and let loose her inner freak
  • Give her the kind of pleasure that keeps her begging for more
  • Experience the mutual desire that comes with a deep sexual connection and exploration of advanced sex practices

Everything You Know About Her Sexual Desires Is About to Change… Open Her Up to Deeper Pleasure, Wilder Desires, And Ultimate Connection…

There’s a simple truth about female sexuality that 99% of men are missing… 

Women WANT to unleash their craziest, most turned-on, ravenous selves.

We WANT to experience hot pleasure and wild sexual experiences…

We WANT to open our sexual selves to you FULLY.

But you need to make us feel safe to do that…

Every woman dreams of the kind of partner that opens her eyes to new and exciting sexual practices…

We’re desperate for you to bring out the Sex Goddess or Kitten within us…

We’re yearning for the same kind of filthy, erotic, and wholly connected sex as you are…

We just need a little help getting there.

The sad truth is that society has told us we aren’t allowed to experience certain kinds of pleasure and desire.

In order to awaken the kind of lust and pleasure we’re all looking for… We need our man to guide us gently and confidently to the deepest parts of ourselves.

And although this may sound like an intimidating task?

It can really be so simple.

You just have to understand what is holding us back… And how to address it.

In this course, I don’t just break down the physical techniques of giving and receiving incredible pleasure.

I also guide you, step-by-step, through the psychological and emotional elements of sexuality and performance.

Because when you have all the tools and information…? It’s easy to feel confident. In fact, you can’t help but to.

And this is where Anal Massage comes in…

This course is a detailed, fool-proof, and fun way to awaken a whole new aspect of your sexual experience.

In over a decade of work as a leading sex and relationship coach… As well as my own personal sex life…

I can say with complete confidence that learning these techniques are the fastest, most effective way to open a new level of passion and excitement.

You see, most women have had some experience with anal play…

And most women have left those experiences disappointed…

By being the lover who shows her the pleasure that part of her body is really capable of…

You get to open her up to a whole new world of erotic energy and desire.

You get to connect her to her deepest pleasure…

You get to touch parts of her that few men have… And make her go crazy for it.

I can’t begin to describe the kind of intense sexual bond this creates.

You can see for yourself by clicking below…

Why wait another moment to master the game-changing techniques of ANAL MASSAGE: ADVANCED PLEASURE

Anal Massage: Advanced Pleasure

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for just $197

Only $69*

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Caitlin V. Neal has been featured by:


Michael R, 45

“My wife and I have been married for 15 years, and while our sex life has always been good, it was starting to feel a bit routine. I wanted to find something that could bring back that excitement and passion we had in the early days. I never thought that something as simple as anal massage would make such a huge impact.

The course was incredibly informative and guided me through every step. The first time I tried it with my wife, she was a bit apprehensive, but the communication tips from the course helped us both get into the swing of things. The experience was beyond our expectations – she described it as one of the most erotic experiences of her life. Caitlin, you really knocked it out of the park with this one. Exploring that part of her body and seeing how crazy she went for it brought a totally new level of excitement into our sex life. Thank you!”

Emily G, 35

“I’ve always been curious about anal pleasure. Whenever I tried it though, it always felt off… Like something I was just doing to please my partners and not actually for myself. I bought your course to see what I was missing and it was the best investment in my pleasure I’ve ever made. I did the course with my boyfriend and we had so much fun exploring not only each other’s bodies, but also all the emotional elements of this kind of sex.

I had my first blended orgasm on our third try, and it was unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever felt before. If you’re a woman reading this and aren’t sure whether anal play is for you… I BEG you just give it a try. This course was a game-changer for me and how I relate to pleasure.

Caitlin, THANK YOU! I feel like I’ve gained access to a whole new side of my sexuality.”

Darko, 51

“This course has totally reinvented my relationship with sex. Anal has been one of my kinks for as long as I can remember, but it was never something I felt I could explore with my wife. It felt too taboo and shame inducing. I had no idea how to approach it. When I tell you… this course changed everything. Caitlin, my wife and I have been having the best sex of our lives and we’re in our 50s. I had no idea that she had this side to her and I’m beyond grateful that you helped me bring it out.”

John S, 32

“As a single guy, I’m always looking for ways to stand out in the bedroom… I’ve been watching Caitlin on YouTube for years and was excited to get the beta test for this course…. Honestly, the results have been mind-blowing.

The detailed instructions were incredibly helpful, and by the time I was actually trying the techniques on a woman, I really felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. Watching Caitlin’s bonus video where she performs an anal massage was especially eye-opening and, to be honest, super hot.

I’ve been able to introduce anal massage to a few of my dates with a ton of great feedback. One woman even said it was the most intense and pleasurable experience she’s ever had, and she couldn’t stop raving about it! Knowing that I’m giving them a kind of pleasure they’ve never experienced before has been a huge confidence boost for me. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough.”

ANAL MASSAGE: ADVANCED PLEASURE… the foolproof method to transform your sex


Learn to create the perfect atmosphere for a Anal Massage. Prepare your physical, emotional, and spiritual space to maximize the pleasure and results of this advanced sexual practice.


Learn to effectively communicate when giving and receiving this massage. Tap into both verbal and physical communication to create a wildly erotic and pleasurable experience.


Learn proven techniques that awaken her nerves to experience deeper pleasure, enhanced arousal, and complete sexual openness.


Learn dozens of proven techniques that open her up to a new realm of pleasure. From external massage, manual penetration, through to full anal penetration… Learn to make every step of the journey deeply pleasurable.  Watch as Caitlin V gives you a hands-on demonstration of each practice to teach exact pressure, rhythm, pace, and more.


Connective and grounding techniques to supercharge your intimacy and leave her begging for more…



Bonus Video: Watch Caitlin V Give an Orgasmic Anal Massage to a LIVE MODEL

Bonus Video: Caitlin Reveals Her Secrets to Mind-Blowing Penetrative Anal Sex and Giving Blended Orgasms

Bonus Video: Caitlin V’s Exclusive Product Demonstration. Watch as She Guides You Through Her Favorite Products and Toys That Boost Pleasure and Effectiveness of Anal Massage


just $197

Only $69*

*Limited time offer



Imagine discovering that you were only experiencing a fraction of the pleasure your body is truly capable of… 

This is the gift you can give your partner by introducing Anal play the right way…

She’s desperate to open herself up to you… 

Give her the kind of wild, uninhibited pleasure that every woman dreams of. 


What’s Included:

Unleash the Secrets of Anal Massage: a Simple, Foolproof Course for the Kind of Uninhibited Pleasure You’ve Only Dreamed of

Bonus Video: Caitlin V Takes You on a Seductive Journey of Anal Massage with a live model!

Bonus Video: Caitlin’s Easy-To-Follow Guide to Immediately Pleasurable Anal Sex that she’ll go wild for

Bonus Video: Caitlin’s Exclusive Guide to Both Giving and Receiving Pleasure with Anal Sex Toys for Advanced Anal Play

Bonus Video: Caitlin Dispells Anal Sex Myths That Are Holding You (and Her) Back

Why wait another moment to uncover the powers of Anal Massage?