8 Signs a Girl Likes You

The way men show they like women is not the same as how women show they like men. That’s why it can be extremely difficult for men to be able to recognize signs that a woman likes them.

But it doesn’t HAVE to be difficult.

If you know about women and watch us intelligently, you’ll be able to easily pick up on these signs… and you’ll never miss an opportunity to take a relationship to the next level.

That’s why, in this blog article, I’m going to break down:

  • The 8 major ways to tell whether or not a woman likes you,
  • 3 exact phrases you can use — depending on the type of woman she is — to make you CERTAIN that she’s digging on you.

Woman glancing at man she likes

Eight ways to tell if she likes you

Here’s a secret — women aren’t as complicated as you’ve been told. All you need to know is how women act when we’re sweet on you. Here are the top 8 ways to tell whether a woman has a crush on you.

1. She asks you a lot of questions.

This is a sign of interest. If she’s asking you a lot of questions, like the family you grew up in, all the states you used to live in, what your religion is, what your views are on things like dating, what you want to be when you grow up, then she is showing an interest in you.

2. She makes herself available.

Women are busy, social creatures. They have friends to hang out with, hobbies to explore, so for a woman to make herself available to you, it means that she wants to spend time with you.

And if a woman chooses to spend time with you, take it as a HUGE compliment. Of all the exciting things on her busy schedule, she chose you.

3. She laughs a lot around you and thinks you’re hilarious.

In a world where women are constantly (and annoyingly) told that they should smile more, it is a huge compliment when a woman genuinely finds you funny.

Look — women LOVE men with a sense of humor. In fact, women consider “a sense of humor” the MOST important personality trait (followed by intelligence, passion, confidence, and generosity), according to a recent online poll comprising of more than 1,000 women.

So if she thinks you’re funny, she probably thinks you’re a huge catch.

couple laughing together

4. She finds excuses to touch you

 Maybe she finds reasons to touch your hair, to touch your arm, to sit next to you while brushing up against you with her leg. Flashing neon sign, my dudes.

5. She tries to impress you

Maybe she goes out of her way to flaunt her skills in front of you to appear intelligent, to appear like she has lots of friends. Maybe she’s trying to be the right place at the right time to show you that her jeans fit perfectly on her ass, or how her legs look in those high heels. 

6. She sends you flirty messages

Is she making your phone buzz all the time with quick, witty banter? She might be flirting with you.

How do you know if she‘s flirting? There are certain ways to tell whether a woman is flirting… or just being nice.

A woman is flirting with you over texts if she’s sending a lot of winky faces or jokes or sexual innuendo. It can be easier for women to send flirty messages because it feels safer than coming right out with it in real life.

Girl texting from bed

7. She acts a little nervous around you

This can be a little harder to spot, but if she’s adjusting her clothes a lot or keeps absentmindedly twirling her hair in her fingers…. maybe when you look her way, she glances away immediately, if she acts just a little on edge, she might be into you.

8.  If she introduces you to her friends and family

This means she wants you to be a part of her life. She wants you to stick around. Chances are she’s already telling her friends about you if she’s introducing you to her friends, like, “Hey, Jessica, this is that guy I won’t shut up about.”

You’ve used these eight signs to try to guess to see if this woman likes you and you think she might, maybe she’s showing some of these signs and you’re ready to find out for sure. 

But you can either sit around and wonder if she likes you ….

OR, you can find out for yourself by saying some key phrases to her. These phrases (below) are designed to see if she really likes you or not … so you can be sure how she feels about you.

Couple flirting on a bridge

How to Ask Her if She Likes You

You might not want to use every phrase on every woman.

That’s why I’ve broken these phrases out to suit the type of woman she is.

If she’s the energetic, sporty type, she’s always down for whatever, more adventurous, you can say something like,

“Hey, I’m really feeling a connection between us. Are you sensing it, too?” or, “Hey, I’m really vibing with you. Do you feel the same?”

Any go-getter woman will appreciate your confidence and how you just come out with it.

If she’s more of the spiritual, sensual type, she’s the one that’s touching you a lot, she’s the one that wants to be close to you all the time, you can say to her,

“It feels so good to be with you. Do you feel it, too?” or, “I’d like to get closer to you. Would that feel good to you, too?”

Now, if she’s a more straight to the point kind of woman and doesn’t beat around the bush, you can say,

“Hey, I’m starting to think you like me. Am I right? You got a thing for me, don’t you?”

Don’t be afraid to tease her a little bit. Be playful and lighthearted. 

Couple bonding over breakfast

But, what if you use these phrases and identify that she might like you and she totally dodges your question altogether? Well, dudes, she’s nervous.

Maybe she dodged your question cause she doesn’t know how to answer it. Maybe she’s not used to somebody being so straight up with her. That’s fine. Give her some time. Don’t pressure her into being a thing with you. It can be fun to take it slow. And if it’s meant to happen, it’ll happen! 

Now, what if she shows all these signs that she likes you, but then turns around and tells you that she’s not interested in you in that way? Well, all women are different. It’s possible that she does genuinely enjoy spending time with you, but isn’t looking for a relationship right now. Or, she’s just a naturally flirty type and can’t help flirting with LITERALLY EVERYONE! This is totally cool, it just means she’s an outgoing gal who loves life.

Thank her for her honesty, and go find someone else to date!

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