5 Tips On How To Give Her Yoni Massage

Today, we’re diving into a rarely talked about but seriously game-changing world of pleasure – the art of Yoni massage. This practice has been around for hundreds of years and has long been used by tantric experts to deepen connection, supercharge female libido, and of course, give incredible orgasms. 

In my coaching, I’ve seen Yoni massage do wonders. From reigniting the spark in relationships, reawakening long lost feelings of sexual desire, to finally bringing multiple-orgasms into the mix… If you’re someone who wants to give next-level pleasure, deepen your intimate bond, and open up your partner to a whole new world of eroticism, then this post is for you!

I’m going to share my step by step guide to giving an incredible Yoni massage, but first it’s important to cover a few basics, starting with the question: What is a Yoni? 

In Sanskrit, Yoni is a word that encapsulates the divine feminine. It refers to a woman’s genitals but transcends the anatomical definition to include a much deeper meaning. The direct translation actually means “sacred space”, and when you’re giving a woman a Yoni massage, you’re tapping into much more than just her physical being. 

Yoni massages have been used for centuries to reconnect women to themselves, as well as their partners. It’s more than just a pleasurable act… When done right, the Yoni massage can be used to heal old traumas and emotional wounds, reignite a woman’s libido and desire, as well as create a deeper, more intimate bond between giver and receiver. This practice is also a great way to resolve issues of pain and discomfort during sex. It’s truly as healing as it is pleasurable. 

When giving a Yoni massage, you’re not only working her up to an incredible orgasm (which, by the way, you absolutely are). Along with the mind-blowing sensations, you’re also tapping into her spiritual and emotional being. This holistic approach is the key to accessing the deepest parts of her sexuality, and one thing is for sure: Knowing how to do this is the fast track to legendary lover status. 

The truth is, there is a deep current of wild sexuality and desire in every woman… And she wants to let it out, even if she won’t admit it. Yoni massage is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to unleash it in any woman!

In this article, I’m giving you all the basics you need to know to give an incredible Yoni massage. If you’re looking for a deeper dive? You can check out my course, Yoni Massage: Unlocking Ultimate PleasureIt’s a step-by-step guide where I show you hands-on, on two live models, exactly how it’s done. 

So, what do you need to know to give any woman an unforgettable Yoni massage? 

Let’s get to it. 

Tip Number One: Set the Mood, Inside And Out

First things first – before you even get to touching her, it’s important to create the right atmosphere so she can really let go and accept all the pleasure you’re about to deliver. Communicate to her that you want to focus on her experience, and make sure she knows that she’s in full control because consent is sexy, people!

An important thing to consider here is the intention of your yoni massage. Like I mentioned earlier, this practice can be used for both healing and pleasure-driven results. Knowing the purpose behind each Yoni massage will help you both get into the right headspace to give and receive. 

In my course, for example, I include two bonus videos of me giving Yoni massages to real women. I give a healing Yoni massage to a porn star who also happens to be a mom, and you can see her body react and open up in very different ways than you may have already seen on PornHub. The second massage, given to a friend, is completely pleasure based. In this one, the energy is much more raw and spicy. She moans more and she gets incredibly wet… Like so wet I had to wipe her off at one point. Both massages were equally as impactful, but the intention in the beginning guided the technique, as well as the receiver’s emotional experience. It’s important to remember that your intention guides everything else, so set it ahead of time and make sure you’re both on the same page! 

Once you’re both mentally prepared, it’s time to focus on your physical environment. Let’s be real, it’s hard to get into a sexy headspace when there’s dirty laundry on the floor and dishes in the corner… So set up the atmosphere! Tidy up, make sure it’s warm, and if you want to go above and beyond, why not light a few candles? 

Tip Number Two: Ease In Like A Pro

As with most sexual acts, it’s always a good idea to start off slow. Begin the Yoni massage with soft, sensual touches that awaken her senses and warm her up for intense pleasure. Women’s bodies are like ovens… They always need a little time to get cooking! 

Whether you’re giving a healing massage or a pleasure-focused one, slow and steady wins the race. You can also use this time to pay extra attention to which parts of her vulva she really reacts to. 

Begin by massaging around her pubic mound, and take your time working up to the inner bits. Beginning this way allows her to fully relax into the experience. She may take a few minutes to shed the stresses of the day and settle into the amazing sensations. Patience is key here, and you want to send the message from the get go that you’re in no rush. 

Tip Number Three: Hone Your Technique

When it comes to Yoni massage, technique is what separates the amateurs from the masters. For ultimate pleasure, make sure to switch up the pressure, rhythm, and motion. Yoni massage is a great opportunity to touch her in new and orgasmic ways. Use more than just your fingertips! You can gently brush her labia with your knuckles, or firmly place the entire palm of your hand on her vulva and gently grind or wave it against her. 

Try tracing a ‘V’ shape with the pad of your thumb or finger up along her vaginal opening and toward her clit, then back down the other side. Start gently and build up in pressure. You can also trace small circles around her clitoris, tuning into the pressure that works best for her. You can also try gently tapping her clitoris, or even rolling it between her fingers if she’s open to more sensation.

When entering her, make sure to start slowly. Ask her first for permission to enter her, and see if she can squeeze your finger up and into her. Ease in with a single finger first, and then bring in another if she responds well. 

Pay attention to how her body reacts to the things you do. If you focus on it, you’ll get a clear sense of what she likes but remember, when in doubt? Ask! And of course, if you want a fool-proof, step-by-step guide to the most pleasurable techniques, you can check out my course. In Yoni Massage: Unlocking Ultimate Pleasure, I left no stone unturned… In two bonus videos, you can see me give Yoni massages to not one, but two separate women. If you want to see, up close and personal, exactly how it’s done… this is your chance. You can click here to check it out. 

Tip Number Four: Tune Into Her Body

Being fully present with her body is what takes any Yoni massage to the next level. Remember, this massage is a bond between two people, and there are some simple ways to increase the connection. 

Try syncing your breathing to her’s to deepen the experience. Not only does this create a feeling of connection between the two of you, it also brings her deeper into the sensations. By putting focus on breath, you’ll allow her to tune into her own and enter an almost meditative state, which intensifies the experience. 

Eye contact is also an incredible way to make the experience more intense and connected. The key is to feel out what works for the two of you, and to remember that sometimes it takes a few massages to build up to an extreme level of comfortable intimacy. 

Another great way to intensify her pleasure is through sound. The easiest way to do this is to moan whenever she moans. Sound moves and intensifies energy, and bringing it into your Yoni massage takes things to the next level.

When giving a Yoni massage, take all of her senses into account. The more aware you are of every part of her, the more pleasure you’ll be able to provide. 

Tip Number Five: Connect Deeper With Aftercare

Aftercare is an important part of any sexual experience, and Yoni massage is no different. Yoni massage can be incredibly intense for women! After you take her to a new galaxy of pleasure and connection, it’s important to take a moment and bring her back to Earth.

Aftercare can look different for everyone, but the main goal is to come out of the heightened state of arousal together and to feel safe and connected through the process. 

You can have a conversation about the experience or simply take a minute to gaze into each other’s eyes. Some people love to cuddle after and others like to share a little snack or a long shower with their partners. Anything works, as long as it keeps you connected. 

This is also a great opportunity to revisit the intention that you set at the beginning of your Yoni massage. Talk about how you both felt during the experience. Taking a moment to connect emotionally after an intense physical experience can do wonders for strengthening your bond. 

When done right, Yoni massage has the power to completely transform a woman’s sexuality. Whether it’s overcoming pain or discomfort during sex, reigniting a dormant libido, or simply bringing a whole lot more pleasure into your lives, there’s a reason this practice has been around for hundreds of years. 

Of course, there’s only so much I can share in a blog post and in my experience, the fastest way to learn is to see it done for yourself. If you’re interested in mastering this amazing skill and accessing the deepest parts of her desire, you can click here to check out Yoni Massage: Unlocking Ultimate Pleasure. I designed this course to be completely fool-proof. You can see me actually perform all the techniques, as well as get an in-depth understanding on how a woman’s body functions and reacts to various techniques. 

Every woman deserves some tender love and affection down there, and every man deserves to rest easy with the knowledge that he has an infinite amount of pleasure at his fingertips. Go forth and spread the love around!

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