3 Simple Ways to Give Her Intense Orgasms

A recent study shows that up to 70% of women admit to sometimes faking orgasms. 

You know what this really means?

That 70% of women experience communication breakdowns during sexual activity.

I believe this is the leading cause of breakups everywhere. In this blog article, I’ll give you the three easiest ways to give a woman a climax to prevent that from ever happening to you.

(Also if you want to get the FULL orgasmic experience, you’re going to want to see what I made just for you.)

Why Care About the Female Orgasm?

Why give women orgasms at all? This might shock you, but…

Orgasms feel wonderful!

They make sex exciting! They make an otherwise lackluster day into a day with fireworks and rockets and explosions!

They decrease stress.  

If you and your partner are having a lot of fights recently, the first thing I would ask is, “Are you having a lot of orgasms?”

If not, that just might be the answer. Simple, but true.

Without a satisfying sexual connection, she will slowly lose interest.

In the worst-case scenarios, she might go looking somewhere else for a better sex life. It’s not her being promiscuous – it’s her being human. And it might be that she’s not able to communicate her needs to you very clearly in a way that allows you to meet them.

Guys, this happens all the time. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.  

But fear not! We’re about to get this all ironed out.

What Is Your Role In Her Orgasm?

couple having fun in bed

You can’t just GIVE someone amazing sensations in the same way you can give someone a pizza. Orgasms are a group project – they’re a collaborative process. It takes team work!

Think of it as you two working together to make a delicious pizza together. Both chefs gotta be IN on it!

When I say that “both of you have to be in on it”, I mean both of you are responsible. 

You have to pay enough attention to her body to give her the kind of stimulation that’s going to work to get her to orgasm.

AND she has to give you the feedback YOU need in order for you to know whether what you’re doing is working, or if it needs to be adjusted, whether during penetration or oral sex.

This is a collaborative process that requires a LOT of communication. And let’s be real – communication is the HARDEST thing that men and women have to deal with when it comes to sex.

Without further ado, here are the top three secrets to easy-peasy orgasms.

The 3 Easiest Ways to Give Her an Orgasm

man giving woman pleasure in bed

Stimulate the Clit

Clitoral stimulation is HOME of the female orgasm. It has the most nerve endings of ANY square centimeter of ANYWHERE on both the male and female bodies. Unlocking it means to unlock the door to the rest of her orgasmic potential.

It’s the easiest, most direct route to bringing her pleasure.

So how do you apply direct clitoral stimulation, exactly?

Go around the clitoris! Imagine that the clit is a little target, and you want to begin by going around the outside. The left, the right, the little stem behind it. You want to warm her up by being indirect around her labia. This also serves to tease her during foreplay and build a little bit of anticipation.

After she’s all warmed up, it’s time to apply some pressure. Just like any great balancing act, you don’t want to apply too much, but you don’t want to apply too little. Find her goldilocks zone.

How do you know if you’re giving her the right amount of pressure on the clit?

Simple! Give her two options, and ask her which one she likes more.

By giving her two choices, you’re saving her from having to do the mental work of “go softer, go harder, a little more… etc…” that gets her OUT of her body and into her head.  By giving her two options, she gets to stay in her body, stay in her pleasure, and all she has to is say “B! Yeah B! That’s the right one!”

Vary it Up!

Shake it up! Change in stillness. Sometimes don’t move at all! Hold pressure, whether with a vibrator, your tongue, or a sex toy, on the clitoris without moving. Might sound weird, but guys, this will make her go wild.

You can also vary it by motion. Instead of going up and down, you can do swirls, left right, diagonal, or circles.

Finally, vary your speed. The switch from going slowly to quickly… from up and down, to left to right… you want to vary it every thirty seconds or so until she gets really close to orgasming, at which point… make like George Dubya and STAY THE COURSE.

If something’s REALLY working for her and you can feel her body bucking and hear her making noises, and she’s grinding and groovin’, keep on the same course until you bring her all the way to the finish line.


Now that we’ve properly warmed up, let’s get into orgasm technique number two.

Provide G-spot stimulation

Before you go and say “Caitlin, I already KNOW about the g-spot! I already watch all your videos and read my girlfriend’s old copies of Cosmo. Duh.”

Hold up, tiger. I’m going to teach you something a little counter-intuitive about the g-spot.

Guess what? The g-spot doesn’t ALWAYS exist.

I don’t mean “Science hasn’t determined whether the g-spot is real”. I’m telling you – G-spot is REAL. I felt it myself.

Suffice to say, the g-spot really DOES exist. BUT! It doesn’t exist in the same way all the time.

The g-spot is made out of a special kind of tissue that doesn’t fill up with blood until she’s already aroused! So if you’ve already given her a clitoral orgasm, say, during oral sex and then you go to check on the g-spot, you will feel that there’s a little ridge or nub. THAT’S the spot! But if she’s not aroused at all or if she hasn’t had an orgasm, you’re not going to feel it.

It’s kind of cool – it’s a bit magic in that it only shows up when she’s feelin’ good!

Make sure she’s aroused enough.

woman about to have sex

Make sure she’s aroused enough for her g-spot to appear by sticking two fingers inside her vagina toward the front of her, and if you do the “come hither” motion with your finger and if you DON’T feel a spongy bump there, go back to step one and focus on the clitoris in foreplay until that fleshy little nubbin appears.

Get into the rhythm.

You might be able to wipe off those juices, but you won’t be able to wipe off that smile. ;D To achieve a g-spot vaginal orgasm, you have to find a rhythm. Think about this vaginal orgasm as a train taking off from the station. It starts out slow, but goes faster and faster and faster. THAT is the rhythm of the g-spot. It starts slow… get some momentum… see her body and hear her breath and she starts to move and bit.. pick up the pace… faster and faster and faster UNTIL she’s right on the edge of orgasm.

And when she’s on the edge of orgasm… time for WARP SPEED, SCOTTY! It’s time for you to take her to pleasure town by taking it as fast as you can POSSIBLY make it, until she reaches a g-spot orgasm.

If you want more details on this, please check out my video on the legendary squirting orgasm!

**jazz hands**

Because squirting often accompanies the g-spot orgasm, so bring some towels. You’re going to be in the splash zone, my friend.

Get Her Involved.

As I mentioned before, orgasms are a collaboration between people. Collaborating is THE best way for you to know what works for her. Remember that she is the master of her own pleasure. No one knows more about her pleasure – what works for her, where she likes to be touched, the rhythm — than she does.

SHE KNOWS THE RECIPE! Your girl knows best.

So how do you get that information out of her so you can get her amazing results?

The problem is that most guys want to make her orgasm all their own, and they’re missing out on their greatest asset in getting her off: HER!

Ultimately, it’s about asking her, and testing A and B. Does she like this touch or that touch? This technique or that technique?

In order to get her involved, you have to give her permission to get in there. This could mean her stimulation her own breasts and nipples, running her hands over her body… whatever it is that feels good. The more that you encourage her, the more she will feel that it’s safe to.

When you’re having sex, encourage her to touch her own clit. When you’re having intercourse, grab her hand, lick her fingers, and put her hand right over her own clit. Encourage her to do that, let her know it would be hot for you, and that you want her help bringing her to orgasm.

This can bring the two of you closer together, it can be an intimate and vulnerable experience for both of you, AND it’s going to increase the odds of her having an orgasm a THOUSAND-fold because she knows exactly what it is she needs to do to get her off.

Bonus: while she’s doing this, you’re watching her. You’re picking up information. You’re understanding on a deeper level what it is that gives her pleasure. You can bring this info into the bedroom with you next time.

One Final Thought: Giving Her an Orgasm Can Be Confusing. Know The Switches That Turn Her On.

If you’ve ever felt confused about how to give a woman an orgasm, you know it can be very difficult. You know that look from her that she’s bored or uncomfortable, and it leaves you feeling confused or frustrated, because you KNOW that’s what she wants you to be great at.

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