3 Quick Tips to Last Longer in Bed & Build Stamina by Tonight

You have a hot date tonight and just in case things lead to sexual intercourse, you want to ensure you can go for a long time. You want to give your female partner orgasms. You need the endurance to give her an amazing sexual experience.

I’ve got you covered, my friend. While you cannot cure premature ejaculation in a single day, you can absolutely build stamina AND confidence, which is exactly what you need to pull off an amazing sexual performance.

If you’re reading this, you’re not alone. Premature ejaculation affects three out of every ten men. That’s a prevalence of 30%. Some statistics say it’s even more – more like 5 out of 10. One half of all men sometimes experience premature ejaculation (PE). And even more men suffer from erectile dysfunction or another sexual dysfunction that affects intercourse and leads to unnecessary embarrassment.

You are in good company. Most men out there have experienced sexual stamina issues where they climax too soon.

Here’s the truth: as a sex and relationship coach, I work almost exclusively with men who deal with sexual dysfunction, and you CAN cure it and achieve better sex pretty quickly.

Usually my clients only work with me for 90 days. Often, we are successful in curing PE around the 60-day mark.

That said, it’s not going to take you 60 days to build some sexual stamina. If you’re someone who is reaching orgasm in under 5 minutes today, you might be able to boost your average time to climax to 7, 8, or 9 minutes by tomorrow if you follow these three simple tips.

What to do TODAY to last longer in bed TONIGHT

1. Masturbate today.

Ever since Something About Mary came out, this is a pretty well-known tip. But why does it work?

Without diving too deep into the science here, fluids build up in your body that put pressure on you to ejaculate. That’s why masturbation is your friend. So if you clear out those fluids today by ejaculating, tonight, your body will put less pressure on you to ejaculate three seconds into penetration.

Here’s the caveat: it’s not enough to just wank for a couple minutes. You need to masturbate for ten to fifteen minutes. If that’s really challenging for you, you can get started, take your hands off, and then get back to it later. But do NOT let yourself ejaculate quickly, because if you ejaculate quickly, you’ll be reinforcing that system that wants to go from zero to ejaculation in nothing flat.

Bad habits end up manifesting during foreplay and intercourse. Remember that.

2. Get into your parasympathetic nervous system when you’re about to dive into foreplay.

couple showing affection and hugging

This is the most important tip. This tip is all about getting out of “fight or flight” and getting into your “rest and digest” nervous system when you know that sexual activity is about to begin.

In other words, you’re nervous. Understandably so!

You’re on a hot date – maybe it went well, maybe it hasn’t gone so well, but either way, you’ve had PE in the past or have had sexual stamina issues recently, and now you’re alone with this woman.What happens in your body? Stress! Your heart is beating fast, your palms are sweaty, your stomach muscles feel tight…. Right? You’re nervous! You’re in fight or flight mode. There are huge psychological factors at play, here.

This fight or flight mode is sometimes what causes PE to happen in the first place. Because your body feels like there’s going to be a tiger jumping out and eating your guts at any given moment, your body wants to FINISH sex immediately. Cue early ejaculation.

Tonight, there’s no tiger.

You’re just nervous about disappointing this woman. You want her to experience great sex without dealing with rapid ejaculation. This means we have to train our bodies that it’s safe! There’s no tiger, you’re not going to get your guts eaten at any given moment.

The best way to relax? Through deep, slow breathing. (Believe it or not, relaxation is a treatment of premature ejaculation.) Practice before your date, and then before the steamy sexual encounter, tuck away to the bathroom to practice this breathing technique: Close your eyes. Take a deep breath through your nose and release it out your mouth. Do this a couple times. In your next breath, breathe slowly to the count of four. Exhale to the count of four.

Do this a couple of times, and don’t forget to breathe in fully, so your diaphragm and lungs are completely filled. On your next breath in, I want you to hold the breath and THEN count to four. Exhale, and repeat.

This breath causes you to move slowly. Holding your breath allows you to get more oxygen from each deep inhale, and when you exhale all the way out, you give your body the best chance to get a deep, oxygenating inhale. Perform this exercise and take a moment to recognize how your body (and even mental health) changes a bit during these breaths – what’s different in your body? Do you feel more relaxed? Do you feel more calm? Do you feel less like you’re going to get jumped by a pack of angry mammoths at any moment?

Taking these breaths will steady you, and remind your body that it can take its time.

3. Say these magic words to your sexual partner: “I just want you to know that I’m a little nervous.”

couple being intimate in a bedroom

This is the elephant in the room! When you say this, not only are you creating a little bit of vulnerability and you’re willing to be intimate with her (because you’re willing to admit something that’s very private and personal… which women LOVE) but when we speak the thing we are afraid of and when we make it KNOWN, we are no longer under pressure to make it look like it’s not happening.

For example, I speak out in public a lot. I used to get REALLY nervous. When I would get up there and grab the microphone, I used to say “Wow, I’m really nervous.” When I say that, not only does every person in the audience empathize with me, but it cuts the tension. I no longer have to pretend that I’m not nervous and not confident about public speaking.

Saying it out loud releases it. You’ll immediately feel ready to rock. You’ll already feel like you have better control over your sexual function and that you can delay ejaculation and experience true sexual pleasure.
Cat’s out of the bag, let’s do it.

These three steps are the secret to instant stamina increase. THIS is how you achieve ejaculatory control. This is how you boost sexual stamina in one day. This is all you need to end performance anxiety and stave off your point of no return.

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